Volume 77


Number 1, Spring 2018


Introduction to “Soviet and Post-Soviet Sexualities”           

Richard C. M. Mole                                                                                                                1

Between the Labor Camp and the Clinic: Tema or the Shared Forms of Late

Soviet Homosexual Subjectivities     

Arthur Clech                                                                                                                           6

Soviet Legal and Criminological Debates on the Decriminalization of

Homosexuality (1965–75)

Rustam Alexander                                                                                                                  30

“That’s Not the Only Reason We Love Him”: Tchaikovskii Reception

in Post-Soviet Russia

Philip Ross Bullock                                                                                                                 53

Identity, Belonging and Solidarity among Russian-speaking Queer Migrants in Berlin

Richard C. M. Mole               


The Maiden and the Wolf: Law, Gender, and Sexual Violence in Imperial Russia

Katherine Pickering Antonova and Sergei Antonov                                                              99

The Making of an Artist as National Hero: The Great Karl Briullov

and His Critical Fortunes

Katia Dianina                                                                                                                          122

Against the Double Erasure: Georgi Markov's Contribution to the Communist Hypothesis

Nikolay Karkov                                                                                                                      151

Split Memory: The Geography of Holocaust Memory and Amnesia in Belarus

Anika Walke                                                                                                                           177


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IN MEMORIAM                                                                                                                    304


Number 2, Summer 2018


Psychiatry, Violence, and the Soviet Project of Transformation: A Micro-History of the

Perm’ Psycho Neurological School-Sanatorium

Maria Cristina Galmarini-Kabala                                                                                             307

Regionalisms and Imperialisms in the Making of the Russian Far East, 1903–1926

Ivan Sablin and Daniel Sukhan                                                                                                333

Riding the Soviet Iron Horse: A Reading of Viktor Turin’s Turksib through

the Lens of John Ford

Ingrid Kleespies                                                                                                                      358

The Shop Window Quality of Things: 1920s Weimar Surface Culture in Nabokov’s

Korol<’>, dama, valet

Luke Parker                                                                                                                             390

In Defense of Native Literature: Writers’ Associations, State and the Cult of the

Writer in pre-1945 Bulgaria

Irina Gigova                                                                                                                            417

Seeing the Bigger Picture: Conspiratorial Revisions of World War II History

in Recent Russian Cinema

Boris Noordenbos                                                                                                                   441

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Number 3, Fall 2018



Theodora Dragostinova and Małgorzata Fidelis                                                                     577        

Polish Economists in Nehru’s India: Making Science for the Third World in an Era of

De-Stalinization and Decolonization

Małgorzata Mazurek                                                                                                               588

Globalized Socialism, Nationalized Time: Soviet Films, Albanian Subjects, and Chinese Audiences across the Sino-Soviet Split

Elidor Mëhilli                                                                                                                          611

The Catholic 1968: Poland, Social Justice, and the Global Cold War

Piotr H. Kociski                                                                                                                      638

The “Natural Ally” of the “Developing World”: Bulgarian Culture in India and Mexico

Theodora Dragostinova                                                                                                          661


Modernism Romanced: Imaginary Geography in Jerzy Z˙uławski’s The Lunar Trilogy

Łukasz Wodzyński                                                                                                                 685

Ivo Andrić: Against National Mythopoesis

Marina Antić                                                                                                                           704

Why Women Protest: Insights from Ukraine’s EuroMaidan

Olena Nikolayenko and Maria DeCasper                                                                               726

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Number 4, Winter 2018


Making a Long Story Longer: Eastern Europe and 1968 as a Global Moment, Fifty

Years Later

Judit Bodnár                                                                                                                           875

Let’s Turn Hegel from His Head onto His Feet: Hopes, Myths, and Memories

of the 1960s in Tamás Cseh’s Musical Album “A Letter to My Sister”        

Anna Szemere                                                                                                                         881

Utopias and “Normality”: 1968 Revisited Fifty Years On

Jacques Rupnik                                                                                                                       890

Postmodernity’s Unexpected Arrival: 1968 as Breakdown in Geoculture

Georgi M. Derluguian                                                                                                             897

Occupy College Street: Student Radicalism in Kolkata in the Sixties

Ranabir Samaddar                                                                                                                  904


Andrey Makarychev and Alexandra Yatsyk, Cluster Guest Editors

Russian “Federalism”: Illiberal? Imperial? Exceptionalist?

Andrey Makarychev and Alexandra Yatsyk                                                                          912

Inside Russia’s Imperial Relations: The Social Constitution of Putin-Kadyrov Patronage

Julie Wilhelmsen                                                                                                                     919

Kant’s Future: Debates about the Identity of Kaliningrad Oblast

Miłosz J. Zieliński                                                                                                                   937

Pluralism without Democracy, Vertical without Power: From Gor’kii to Nizhnii

Novgorod . . . and Back?

Andrey Makarychev                                                                                                               957


Affirmative Action in the Western Borderlands of the Late Russian Empire?

Darius Staliunas                                                                                                                      978

Russia’s Post-Soviet Ideological Terrain: Zvyagintsev’s Leviathan and Debates on

Authority, Agency, and Authenticity

Susanne Wengle, Christy Monet, and Evgenia Olimpieva                                                     998

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INDEX                                                                                                                                    1163