Volume 81


Number 1, Spring 2022

CLUSTER: The Soviet Steppe-Transformations and Imaginaries


Christine Bichsel, Ekaterina Filep, Julia Obertreis                                                               1

Steppes to Health: How the Climate-Kumys Cure Shaped a New Steppe Imaginary

Maya Peterson                                                                                                                        8

Reinventing the Steppe: The Agromeliorative Complex in the Russian Periphery

Timm Schönfelder                                                                                                                   32

The Alien Republic: Narratives of Deterritorialization in Imaginations of Turkmenistan

from the Late 19th to the Late 20th Century

Clemens Gunther                                                                                                                    55


Nomadic Nobles: Pastoralism and Privilege in the Russian Empire

Gulmira Sultangalieva, lzhanTuleshova, and Paul W. Werth                                                 77

Postwar Rebuilding and Resettlements in the Soviet Union: A Case of Azeri Migration

Krista Goff                                                                                                                              97

“A Colony of Alien Capital”: French Investments, Polish Identity, and a Story of

Murder in 1930s Warsaw

Jerzy £azor                                                                                                                             122

Marriage, Gender and Demographic Change: Managing Fertility in

State-Socialist Poland

Natalia Jarska and Agata Ignaciuk                                                                                        142

Low Spirits and Immoderate Meditations in Venedikt Erofeev’s Moskva-Petushki

Julia Vaingurt                                                                                                                         163


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Number 2, Summer 2022


Is Ukraine a Multiethnic Country?

Volodymyr Kulyk                                                                                                                     299

Was Tolstoi a Colonial Landlord? The Dilemmas of Private Property and

Settler Colonialism on the Bashkir Steppe

Edyta M. Bojanowska                                                                                                             324

Words on Trial: Morality and Legality in Frida Vigdorova’s Journalism

Rebecca Reich                                                                                                                        349

“The Master Rarely Casts His Eye Here”: Water and Urban Infrastructure in

Postwar Vladivostok

Rustam Khan                                                                                                                          370

Histories of Color: Blackness and Africanness in the Soviet Union

Hilary Lynd and Thom Loyd                                                                                                   394

“Are there Racists in Yugoslavia?” Debating Racism and Anti-blackness in

Socialist Yugoslavia

Peter Wright                                                                                                                            418

The Islamic Framing of the Economic Activities of Salafi-oriented Muslims in Dagestan,

North Caucasus: An Anthropological Approach

Iwona Kaliszewska, Jagoda Schmidt, and Marek Kaleta                                                         442

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Number 3, Fall 2022



Law of the Forest: Early Legal Governance in Bosnia-Herzegovina during the

Inter-Imperial Transition between Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Rule, 1878-1901

Iva Luèiæ                                                                                                                                 585

The “Vanishing Indian” and the Vanishing Pole: From a Middle Ground to a Logic of

Elimination in the European and Global Periphery, 1840-1880

Raymond A. Patton                                                                                                                 609

“Call Me by My Name:” A “Strange and Incomprehensible” Passion in the

Polish Kresy of the 1920s

Kamil Karczewski                                                                                                                   631

Che³m’s Unraveling: The Holocaust and Interethnic Violence in Nazi-Occupied Poland

Jason Tingler                                                                                                                           653

Theodor Oberländer and the Nachtigall Battalion in 1959/60-an Entangled History

of Propaganda, Politics, and Memory in East and West

Kai Struve                                                                                                                               677

The Silence of the Occupied in Czech Literature, 1940-46

Rajendra A. Chitnis                                                                                                                701

A Reluctant Opposition: Soviet Liberals within the Moscow Tribune

Guillaume Sauvé                                                                                                                     722


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Number 4, Winter 2022

CLUSTER: (Multi)national Faces of Socialist Realism-Beyond the Russian Literary Canon


Evgeny Dobrenko, Klavdia Smola                                                                                          865

Hegemony of Brotherhood: The Birth of Soviet Multinational Literature, 1922-1932

Evgeny Dobrenko                                                                                                                   869

“Critical Appropriation of Literary Heritage” and the Shaping of Soviet National

Literatures: A Close Reading of the Debate in the Journal Literaturnyi kritik

(The Literary Critic, 1933-36)

Susanne Frank                                                                                                                        891

National Form: The Evolution of Georgian Socialist Realism

Zaal Andronikashvili                                                                                                              914

The Lithuanian Version of Socialist Realism: An Imposed Doctrine and

Incorporated Tradition

Dalia Satkauskyte                                                                                                                   936

(Re)shaping Literary Canon in the Soviet Indigenous North

Klavdia Smola                                                                                                                        955


The (Un)making of a Man: Aleksandr Aleksandrov/Nadezhda Durova

Ruth Averbach                                                                                                                         976

The Hungarian Nationalities Act of 1868 in Operation (1868-1914)

Ágoston Berecz                                                                                                                       994

No More Godmen: Alexandre Kojeve, Atheism, and Vladimir Solov?ev

Trevor Wilson                                                                                                                          1016


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