Volume 56 Contributors

Adam, Jan (review) 4:763

Ball, Alan (review) 1:147

Barabtarlo, Gennady (review) 1:170

Bater, James H. (review) 4:768

Beraha, Laura. "Roll Out the Barrels: Emptiness, Fullness, and the Picaresque-Idyllic Dynamic in Vasilii Aksenov's 'Zatovarennaia bochkotara'" 2:212

Bergholz, Fred (review) 3:584

Bielasiak, Jack (review) 2:342

Birnbaum, Henrik (review) 2:380

Blank, Stephen (review) 1:158

Blobaum, Robert E. (review) 2:340

Bogucki, Peter (review) 3:551

Bradley, Joseph (review) 3:567

Bristol, Evelyn (review) 1:168

Brovkin, Vladimir (review) 2:365

Brumfield, William C. (review) 2:356

Bryson, Phillip J. (review) 2:339

Buszynski, Leszek (review) 3:584

Cavanagh, Clare (reviews) 4:817, 4:819

Chafetz, Glenn (review) 1:152

Chinn, Jeff (review) 4:797

Choldin, Marianna Tax (review) 2:385

Chomiak, Martha Bohachevsky (review) 2:366

Clapham, David (review) 3:555

Clark, Susan L. (review) 4:794

Clark, Terry D. "Who Rules Siauliai? A Case Study of an Emerging Urban Regime" 1:101

Clayton, J. Douglas (review) 3:590

Cohen, Gary B. (review) 1:130

Condee, Nancy (reviews) 2:390, 3:593

Connelly, John. "Students, Workers, and Social Change: The Limits of Czech Stalinism" 2:307

Cook, Linda J. (review) 1:153

Crisp, Olga (review) 3:568

Crowley, Stephen (review) 4:798

Crummey, Robert O. (review) 4:777

Csepeli, Gyorgy (review) 3:559

Daly, Jonathan W. (review) 2:358

D'Amato, Giuseppe (review) 3:566

Davidson, Pamela (review) 2:382

Davies, R. W. (review) 4:793

Deák, István (review) 3:565

DeBardeleben, Joan (review) 2:377

Djordjevic, Dimitrije (review) 2:344

Dragnich, Alex N. (review) 2:346

Dukes, Paul (review) 2:355

Dunlop, John B. (review) 1:162

Eagle, Herbert (review) 1:128

Edmondson, Linda (review) 3:569

Elliott, David (review) 2:388

Engel, Barbara Alpern (review) 2:386

English, Robert (review) 1:127

Evans, Alfred B., Jr. (review) 3:571

Evtuhov, Catherine (review) 4:813

Feldman, Walter (review) 2:352

Felkay, Andrew (review) 3:560

Ference, Gregory C. (review) 3:558

Fortescue, Stephen (review) 4:787

Friedgut, Theodore H. (review) 2:376

Gapinski, James H. (review) 4:773

Georgeoff, John (review) 2:345

Getty, J. Arch (review) 2:371

Gitelman, Zvi (review) 4:792

Goldfrank, David (review) 4:778

Gorlizki, Yoram (review) 4:783

Gregory, Paul R. (review) 2:367

Grimsted, Patricia Kennedy. "Increasing Reference Access to Post-1991 Russian Archives" 4:718

Gross, Jan (review) 3:572

Harding, Neil (review) 1:143

Hasty, Olga Peters (review) 2:384

Hauner, Milan (review) 3:582

Hayden, Robert M. (review) 3:553

Hazen, Michael D. (review) 3:564

Heinzen, James W. "'Alien' Personnel in the Soviet State: The People's Commissariat of Agriculture under Proletarian Dictatorship, 1918-1929" 1:73

Hellebust, Rolf. "Aleksei Gastev and the Metallization of the Revolutionary Body" 3:500

Herlihy, Patricia (review) 4:781

Herman, David. "Stricken by Infection: Art and Adultery in Anna Karenina and Kreutzer Sonata" 1:15

Himka, John-Paul (review) 1:136

Hirsch, Francine. "The Soviet Union as a Work-in-Progress: Ethnographers and the Category Nationality in the 1926, 1937, and 1939 Censuses" 2:251

Hitchins, Keith (review) 2:336

Hoffmann, David L. (review) 4:786

Holc, Janine. "Liberalism and the Construction of the Democratic Subject in Postcommunism: The Case of Poland" 3:401

Holden, Christine (review) 2:374

Holmes, Larry E. "Part of History: The Oral Record and Moscow's Model School No. 25, 1931-1937" 2:279

Horowitz, Brian (review) 4:811

Hyde-Price, Adrian (review) 3:556

Ishiyama, John T. (review) 4:760

Jakobson, Michael (review) 2:375

Järve, Priit (review) 1:134

Joravsky, David (review) 2:387

Kaiser, Robert J. (review) 4:804

Kanet, Roger E. (review) 1:165

Kangas, Roger D. (review) 4:805

Karklins, Rasma (reviews) 1:136, 3:575

Karsh, Efraim (review) 3:588

Keep, John (review) 2:364

Kenney, Padraic (review) 2:341

Khodarkovsky, Michael (review) 4:779

Klier, John D. (review) 4:775

Kolodziej, Edward A. (review) 4:800

Kozhemiakin, Alexander V. (review) 1:164

Kullberg, Judith (review) 4:796

Lebow, Richard Ned (review) 4:803

LeDonne, John P. (reviews) 1:140, 2:354

Leighton, Lauren G. (review) 4:807

Leitzel, Jim (review) 1:159

Lewis, Richard D. (review) 3:563

Lih, Lars T. "The Mystery of the ABC" 1:50

Limberg, Wayne P. (review) 3:576

Maddux, Thomas R. (review) 4:785

Malik, Hafeez (review) 4:806

Mally, Lynn (review) 1:144

Mandelker, Amy (review) 4:810

Marantz, Paul (review) 2:379

Mason, David S., and Svetlana Sidorenko-Stephenson. "Public Opinion and the 1996 Elections in Russia: Nostalgic and Statist, Yet Pro-Market and Pro-Yeltsin" 4:698

McGrew, Roderick E. (review) 2:357

Meyer, Alfred G. (review) 1:142

Meyer, Priscilla (review) 3:591

Michta, Andrew A. (review) 2:337

Misiunas, Romuald J. (review) 2:347

Monas, Sidney (review) 1:169

Mozur, Joseph P. (review) 4:822

Munck, Gerardo L. "Bringing Postcommunist Societies into Democratization Studies" 3:542

Naimark, Norman M. (review) 1:151

Nelson, Daniel N. (review) 4:762

Nelson, Joan M. (review) 4:765

Nichols, Thomas M. (review) 3:580

Novosel, Nicholas I. (review) 1:132

Olcott, Martha Brill (review) 3:581

Olson, David M. (review) 3:579

Orenstein, Mitchell (review) 1:155

Orlovsky, Daniel (review) 2:369

Padunov, Vladimir (review) 2:390

Parthé, Kathleen (review) 3:592

Pearson, Raymond (review) 2:337

Pereira, Norman G. O. (review) 1:138

Perlina, Nina (review) 2:373

Pryde, Philip R. (review) 3:577

Ra'anan, Uri (review) 1:163

Raeff, Marc (review) 1:141

Raleigh, Donald J. (review) 1:148

Reichman, Henry (review) 1:149

Reisinger, William M. (review) 1:158

Resis, Albert (review) 4:790

Rice, James L. "Varvara Petrovna Turgeneva in Unpublished Letters to Her Son Ivan (1838-1844)" 1:1

Rich, David A. (review) 2:361

Richter, James (review) 4:802

Rigby, T. H. (review) 4:788

Rimmel, Lesley A. "Another Kind of Fear: The Kirov Murder and the End of Bread Rationing in Leningrad" 3:481

Robey, Judith. "Modelling the Reading Act: Gogol''s Mute Scene and Its Intertexts" 2:233

Roeder, Philip G. (review) 1:157

Rogel, Carole (review) 4:772

Rosenberg, William G. (review) 1:145

Rosenshield, Gary. "The Master and Margarita and The Poetics of Aporia: A Polemical Article" 2:187

Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer (review) 4:816

Rosenthal, Charlotte (review) 4:809

Ruane, Christine (reviews) 2:362, 2:363

Ruud, Charles A. (review) 2:360

Sacks, Michael Paul (review) 3:554

Saul, Norman E. (review) 2:354

Scanlan, James P. (review) 4:782

Schrader, Abby M. "Containing the Spectacle of Punishment: The Russian Autocracy and the Abolition of the Knout, 1817-1845" 4:613

Schwartz, Donald V. (review) 2:378

Segel, Harold B. (review) 3:589

Senn, Alfred Erich (review) 2:348

Sidorenko-Stephenson, Svetlana, and David S. Mason. "Public Opinion and the 1996 Elections in Russia: Nostalgic and Statist, Yet Pro-Market and Pro-Yeltsin" 4:698

Siegelbaum, Lewis H. (review) 2:368

Smith, Michael G. "Cinema for the 'Soviet East': National Fact and Revolutionary Fiction in Early Azerbaijani Film" 4:645

Snow, George E. (review) 1:154

Solchanyk, Roman (review) 4:776

Stefancic, David (review) 2:350

Steinberg, Mark D. (review) 2:350

Stevens, Carol B. (review) 1:139

Stone, Daniel. "The Giesche Company: Anaconda Copper's Subsidiary in Interwar Poland" 4:679

Sugar, Peter F. (review) 1:130

Sullivan, Helen F. (review) 2:350

Szelenyi, Ivan (review) 4:760

Taras, Raymond (review) 1:126

Terras, Victor (reviews) 1:168, 3:552

Thayer, Carlyle A. (review) 3:587

Thurston, Robert W. (review) 4:789

Toda, Yasushi (review) 3:585

Todorova, Maria (reviews) 1:124, 4:771

Townsend, Charles E. (review) 1:123

Urban, Joan Barth (review) 3:578

Urban, Michael (review) 4:795

Valentino, Russell S. "The Word Made Flesh in Dostoevskii's Possessed" 1:37

Valliere, Paul (review) 3:594

Varkonyi, Istvan (review) 3:561

Vodopivec, Peter (review) 1:133

Vroon, Ronald (review) 4:820

Wachtel, Andrew (review) 1:166

Wanner, Adrian. "From Subversion to Affirmation: The Prose Poem as a Russian Genre" 3:519; (review) 4:815

Ward, Chris (review) 1:150

Wcislo, Frank (review) 3:570

Weeks, Theodore R. (review) 4:769

Werth, Paul W. "Baptism, Authority, and the Problem of Zakonnost' in Orenburg Diocese: The Induction of over 800 'Pagans' Were Inducted into the Christian Faith" 3:456

White, Christine A. (review) 1:146

White, Stephen (review) 1:161

Williamson, Samuel R., Jr. (review) 2:343

Wolff, Larry. "Venice and the Slavs of Dalmatia: The Drama of the Adriatic Empire in the Venetian Enlightenment" 3:428; (review) 4:766

Zeman, Zbynek (review) 4:764

Zubok, Vladislav (review) 3:573