Volume 58 Contributors

Adalian, Rouben Paul (review) 2:476

Åhlander, Ann-Mari Sättre (review) 3:701

Alexander, Ronelle (review) 4:888

Amert, Susan (review) 4:933

Anderson, John (review) 3:657

Angold, Michael (review) 4:889

Anthony, Ian (review) 1:199

Arnason, Johann P. (review) 4:925

Atkin, Muriel (review) 1:221

Baev, Pavel (review) 3:707

Bahry, Donna. "Comrades into Citizens? Russian Political Culture and Public Support for the Transition" 4:841

Balzer, Harley (review) 1:237

Barker, Adele (review) 4:941

Barry, Donald D. (review) 1:250

Barta, Peter I. (review) 3:720

Bater, James (review) 3:684

Bethea, David M. (review) 2:454

Bianchini, Stefano (review) 3:677

Biziouras, Nick (review) 4:887

Blackwell, Stephen H. "Boundaries of Art in Nabokov's The Gift: Reading as Transcendence" 3:600

Blanke, Richard (review) 1:206

Bonnell, Victoria E. (review) 3:690

Borenstein, Eliot (review) 4:947

Bowlt, John E. (review) 2:507

Braund, David (review) 3:682

Brenner, Rachel Feldhay (review) 1:207

Bristol, Evelyn (review) 2:503

Bristow, John (review) 3:675

Brooks, Jeffrey (review) 4:931

Brumfield, William C. (review) 4:895

Buckley, Mary (review) 1:243

Bugajski, Janusz (review) 3:658

Bunce, Valerie. "The Political Economy of Postsocialism" 4: 756

Canfield, Robert L. (review) 3:683

Carpenter, Bogdana (review) 2:468

Cassedy, Steven (review) 2:502

Checkel, Jeffrey T. (review) 1:259

Chomiak, Martha Bohachevsky (review) 1:217

Cleary, Laura R. (review) 3:659

Clemens, Walter C., Jr. (review) 4:902

Colton, Timothy J. (review) 2:494

Comrie, Bernard (review) 1:265

Connolly, Julian W. (review) 4:937

Connor, Walter D. (review) 4:923

Conroy, Mary Schaeffer (review) 1:231

Cook, Linda J. (review) 1:197

Cornwell, Neil (review) 3:714

Costlow, Jane (review) 4:935

Cottrell, P. L. (review) 3:663

Crawford, Beverly (review) 4:887

Cross, Sharyl (review) 1:256

Csanádi, Mária (review) 3:672

Curtis, James M. (review) 4:930

David-Fox, Michael (review) 2:484

Dannreuther, Roland (review) 1:258

Davydov, Sergei. "The Ace in the 'Queen of Spades'" 2:309

Day, Richard B. (review) 3:695

Debreczeny, Paul (review) 2:459

D'iakonova, Irina A. (obituary) 4:974

Diment, Galya (review) 3:710

Dolinin, Alexander. "Historicism or Providentialism? Pushkin's History of Pugachev in the Context of French Romantic Historiography" 2:291

Donia, Robert J. (review) 1:214

Drabek, Zdenek (review) 1:201

Dunn, Stephen P. (review) 1:246

Ehteshami, Anoushiravan (reviews) 1:220, 4:908

Eidlin, Fred (review) 4:892

Emerson, Caryl (review) 2:451

Engelstein, Laura (review) 2:482

Erdely, Stephen (review) 3:671

Feiler, Lily (review) 3:711

Fish, M. Steven. "Postcommunist Subversion: Social Science and Democratization in East Europe and Eurasia" 4:794

Fizer, John (review) 4:904

Flath, Carol A. "The Passion of Dmitrii Karamazov" 3:584

Fogelsong, David S. (review) 2:487

Fortescue, Stephen (review) 1:253

Fowkes, Ben (review) 3:702

Freeze, Gregory L. (review) 3:686

Friedgut, Theodore H. (review) 3:688

Frierson, Cathy A. (review) 2:480

Fusso, Susanne (review) 3:718

Gallant, Thomas W. (review) 4:901

Gammer, Moshe (review) 1:247

Gasparov, Boris. "In Search of a Vanished World" 3:644

Gedmin, Jeffrey (review) 1:254

Gilberg, Trond (review) 4:899

Glaessner, Gert-Joachim (review) 3:664

Golan, Galia (review) 2:491

Goldgeier, James M. (review) 4:927

Goldschmidt, Paul W. (review) 4:926

Gorodetsky, Gabriel (review) 2:489

Greenleaf, Monika (review) 2:456

Gromada, Thaddeus V. (review) 4:894

Gustafson, Richard F. (review) 4:938

Haaparanta, Pertti (review) 4:885

Hahn, Jeffrey W. (review) 3:705

Hare, Paul (review) 4:897

Harkins, William E. (review) 4:891

Harris, Jane Gary (review) 3:712

Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi (review) 1:234

Hayden, Robert M. (review) 1:200

Heitlinger, Alena (review) 3:673

Helfant, Ian M. "Pushkin's Ironic Performances as a Gambler" 2:371

Hellie, Richard (review) 4:909

Herlihy, Patricia (review) 4:914

Hitchins, Keith (review) 4:898; (obituary) 4:975

Höbelt, Lothar (review) 4:890

Hoch, Steven L. "Tall Tales: Anthropometric Measures of Well-Being in Imperial Russia and the Soviet Union, 1821-1960" 1:61

Hokanson, Katya (review) 2:458

Holmes, Larry E. (review) 1:238

Holmgren, Beth (review) 3:717

Horowitz, Brian. "Thus Spoke Moskovskii Pushkinist: Aleksandr Pushkin in Contemporary Russian Scholarship" 2:434

Hubbs, Joanna (review) 2:496

Hutchings, Stephen C. "Making Sense of the Sensual in Pavel Florenskii's Aesthetics: The Dialectics of Finite Being" 1:96

Jackson, Marvin (review) 3:656

Jacobson, Jon (review) 1:244

Janos, Andrew C. (review) 1:191

Johnston, Robert H. (review) 4:946

Jones, Malcolm (review) 4:936

Kagedan, Allan L. (review) 4:920

Kahn, Andrew. "The New Academy Pushkin: Toward a Definitive Text" 2:428

Kaiser, Daniel H. (review) 4:915

Kaser, Karl (review) 1:215

Kassow, Samuel D. (review) 4:919

Katz, Mark N. (review) 4:926

Kaufmann, Thomas DaCosta (review) 3:654

Keep, John (reviews) 1:233, 4:916

Kellogg, Frederick (review) 2:471

Kenez, Peter (review) 3:654

Khodarkovsky, Michael (review) 2:479

King, Charles. "The Ambivalence of Authenticity, or How the Moldovan Language Was Made" 1:117

Kitschelt, Herbert (review) 2:461

Klimenko, Michael (review) 4:944

Klymasz, Robert B. (review) 2:475

Kochanowicz, Jacek (review) 1:196

Kolar-Panov, Dona (review) 2:473

Kolsti, John (review) 1:216

Kolstø, Pål (review) 3:703

Komlos, John. "On the Biological Standard of Living in Russia and the Soviet Union" 1:71

Köves, András (review) 3:660

Kowalski, Ronald (review) 1:239

Krukones, James H. (review) 2:508

Kuromiya, Hiroaki (review) 1:241

Laitin, David D. (review) 1:248

Langer, Lawrence (review) 1:223

Larson, Bruce (review) 2:470

Lavigne, Marie (review) 1:195

Layton, Susan. "Aleksandr Polezhaev and Remembrance of War in the Caucasus: Constructions of the Soldier as Victim" 3:559; (review) 4:934

Leighton, Lauren G. (reviews) 3:709, 4:932

Lee, William T. (review) 1:262

Lenhoff, Gail (review) 4:928

Levin, Eve (review) 2:478

Los, Maria (review) 3:700

Luckyj, George S. N. (review) 1:219

Lukes, Igor. "The Rudolf Slánsky Affair: New Evidence" 1:160

Lynn, Nicholas J. "Geography and Transition: Reconceptualizing Systemic Change in the Former Soviet Union" 4:824

Makolkin, Anna (review) 1:204

Mally, Lynn (review) 3:693

Mandelker, Amy (review) 4:943

Marples, David R. (review) 4:907

Marsh-Flores, Ann. "Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin on the World Wide Web: An Annotated Bibliography" 2:445

Mason, David S. (review) 1:194

May, Rachel (review) 3:713

McCaffray, Susan P. (obituary) 4:974

McDermott, Kevin (review) 2:486

McGrew, Roderick E. (review) 1:226

McInnes, Colin (review) 1:257

Melancon, Michael (review) 1:235

Meyer, Priscilla (review) 3:719

Michels, Georg (review) 1:224

Michta, Andrew A. (review) 1:213

Mihaychuk, George (review) 1:268

Miller, Nicholas J. "The Nonconformists: Dobrica Cosic and Mica Popovic Envision Serbia" 3:515

Mironov, Boris N. "New Approaches to Old Problems: The Well-Being of the Population of Russia from 1821 to 1910 as Measured by Physical Stature" 1:1; "Tall Requirements and 'Small' Reality" 1:80; (review) 1:229

Mitchell, Virginia R. (review) 2:466

Morgan, James L. IV. "Love, Friendship, and Poetic Voice in Aleksandr Pushkin's Lycée Elegies" 2:352

Murav, Harriet (review) 2:500

Myant, Martin (review) 4:893

Nepomnyashchy, Catherine Theimer. "Pushkin's The Bronze Horseman and Irving's 'The Legend of Sleepy Hollow': A Curious Case of Cultural Cross-Fertilization?" 2:337

Noonan, Norma C. (review) 1:251

Nováky, György (review) 3:685

O'Bell, Leslie. "Writing the Story of Pushkin's Death" 2:393

Offe, Claus (review) 2:463

O'Neil, Patrick H. (review) 2:469

Orwin, Donna (review) 2:501

Owen, Thomas C. (review) 2:483

Pein, Annette (review) 2:453

Perrie, Maureen (review) 4:912

Perry, Duncan (review) 3:680

Peterson, Nadya L. (review) 1:270

Popov, Vladimir (review) 1:261

Potichnyj, Peter J. (review) 1:218

Pratt, Sarah (reviews) 2:450, 2:504

Prybyla, Jan (review) 3:661

Pynsent, Robert B. (review) 1:203

Raack, R. C. (review) 2:465

Rabkin, Yakov M. (review) 2:462

Rady, Martyn (review) 3:670

Raleigh, Donald J. (review) 1:242

Reeder, Roberta (review) 2:497

Reese, Roger R. (review) 1:232

Reyfman, Irina. "Iurii Lotman's Pushkiniana" 2:440

Rezun, Miron (review) 4:900

Rigby, T. H. (review) 2:493

Roeder, Philip G. "The Revolution of 1989: Postcommunism and the Social Sciences" 4:743; "Peoples and States after 1989: The Political Costs of Incomplete National Revolutions 4:854

Rollberg, Peter (review) 3:716

Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer (review) 4:913

Roslof, Edward E. (review) 3:692

Ross, Cameron (review) 3:705

Rowney, Don K. (review) 3:691

Rutland, Peter (review) 3:699

Ryan, Karen L. (review) 4:948

Salzmann, Zdenek (review) 3:665

Sandler, Stephanie. "Introduction" 2:283

Scherr, Barry P. (review) 2:505

Schnytzer, Adi (review) 3:679

Scholl, Tim (review) 3:721

Segel, Harold B. (review) 3:667

Senn, Alfred Erich (review) 3:681

Seregny, Scott J. (review) 3:696

Shengold, David. "Adding to the 'Guest' List: Hugo's Hernani and Pushkin's Don Juan" 2:329

Siegelbaum, Lewis H. (review) 4:921

Simmons, Cynthia (review) 1:269

Skapska, Grazyna (review) 1:192

Slater, Wendy. "The Patriots' Pushkin" 2:407

Sokolovsky, Joan (review) 3:678

Solomon, Peter H., Jr. (review) 4:883

Stevens, Carol B. (review) 1:226

Stone, Daniel (review) 1:205

Stoner-Weiss, Kathryn (review) 2:495

Stukuls, Daina. "Body of the Nation: Mothering, Prostitution, and Women's Place in Postcommunist Latvia" 3:537

Straus, Kenneth M. (review) 2:485

Subtelny, Orest (review) 4:903

Suny, Ronald Grigor (review) 1:190

Svoboda, Jiri (review) 1:222

Tanase, Stelian (review) 1:188

Taylor, Richard. "Singing on the Steppes for Stalin: Ivan Pyr'ev and the Kolkhoz Musical in Soviet Cinema" 1:143

Terras, Victor (review) 1:266

Thomas, Alfred (review) 3:666

Tolz, Vera (review) 1:254

Toman, Michael (review) 1:198

Tworzecki, Hubert (review) 1:212

Uldricks, Teddy J. "The Icebreaker Controversy: Did Stalin Plan to Attack Hitler?" 3:626

Urban, Michael (review) 3:698

Valkenier, Elizabeth Kridl (review) 1:264

Verdery, Katherine (review) 2:472

von Beyme, Klaus (review) 4:885

von Hagen, Mark (review) 2:490

Vucinich, Alexander (review) 4:917

Wachtel, Michael (review) 2:449

Walicki, Andrzej (review) 1:209

Wallander, Celeste A. (review) 4:922

Weeks, Theodore R. (review) 2:474

Weinberg, Robert (review) 4:910

Weiner, Douglas R. (review) 1:252

West, James L. (review) 3:687

Westad, O. A. (review) 1:245

Wheatcroft, Stephen G. "The Great Leap Upwards: Anthropometric Data and Indicators of Crises and Secular Change in Soviet Welfare Levels, 1880-1960" 1:27; "Toward an Objective Evaluation of the Complexities of Soviet Social Reality under Stalin" 1:91; (review) 4:911

Wiatr, Jerzy J. (review) 1:210

Wiles, Timothy (review) 3:668

Wilson, Andrew (review) 4:906

Wilson, Elizabeth (review) 4:950

Wolff, Larry (review) 3:652

Worrall, Nick (review) 4:940

Worobec, Christine D. (review) 1:228

Wortman, Richard (review) 1:267

Wynn, Charters (review) 3:694

Wyzan, Michael (review) 3:676

Young, Glennys (review) 2:492