Volume 60 Contributors

Abramson, Henry (review) 3:650

Åhlander, Ann-Mari Sätre (review) 1:200

Akaha, Tsuneo (review) 3:658

Alexander, James (review) 1:154

Alexeev, Michael (review) 2:399

Alexseev, Mikhail (review) 1:192

Anderson, Richard D. "Metaphors of Dictatorship and Democracy: Change in the Russian Political Lexicon and the Transformation of Russian Politics" 2:312

Andrews, David R. (review) 1:215

Ascher, Abraham (review) 2:438

Åslund, Anders (review) 3:607

Atkin, Muriel (review) 4:875

Baer, Joachim T. (review) 4:882

Baev, Pavel (review) 3:643

Barker, Adele (review) 3:667

Barrett, Thomas M. (review) 1:176

Bartlett, Rosamund (review) 4:877

Bartov, Omer (review) 1:174

Becker, Jonathan (review) 1:199

Beissinger, Margaret H. "Occupation and Ethnicity: Constructing Identity among Professional Romani (Gypsy) Musicians in Romania" 1:24

Benvenuti, Francesco (review) 1:186

Bermel, Neil (review) 3:615

Bernard-Donals, Michael (review) 2:455

Bernhard, Michael (review) 2:395

Beumers, Birgit (review) 3:687

Black, Stanley W. (review) 1:155

Boele, Otto (review) 4:891

Boyarin, Jonathan (review) 1:166

Braham, Randolph L. (review) 3:605

Brodsky, Patricia Pollock (review) 4:884

Brooks, Jeffrey (review) 3:656

Brown, Malcolm Hamrick (review) 3:686

Bryson, Phillip J. (review) 3:609

Bunce, Valerie (review) 3:603

Burg, Steven L. (review) 2:412

Bushkovitch, Paul (review) 2:427

Buszynski, Leszek (review) 1:204

Campbell, Robert (review) 1:194

Carnaghan, Ellen. "Thinking about Democracy: Interviews with Russian Citizens" 2:336

Cassedy, Steven (review) 4:880

Clark, Charles E. (review) 1:183

Cohen, Gary B. (review) 1:158

Congdon, Lee (obituary) 1:229

Connor Walter D. (review) 1:197

Cooke, Brett (review) 2:450

Coopersmith, Jonathan (review) 2:440

Costlow, Jane (review) 1:214

Cracraft, James (review) 4:848

Crowe, David M. (review) 4:874

Cushman, Thomas (review) 1:172

Danopoulos, Constantine P. (review) 1:159

Daskalov, Roumen, "Modern Bulgarian Society and Culture through the Mirror of Bai Ganio" 3:530

Davies, Sarah (review) 1:184

Dawson, Jane I. (film review) 2:391

DeBardeleben, Joan (review) 4:867

Despalatovi, Elinor Murray (review) 3:628

Devlin, Judith (review) 2:416

Diefendorf, Jeffry M. (review) 4:866

Dolukhanov, Pavel (review) 2:426

Drabek, Zdenek (review) 4:829

Dunning, Chester. "Who Was Tsar Dmitrii?" 4:705

Dyker, David A. (review) 3:614

Easter, Gerald (review) 3:660

Economakis, Evel (review) 1:178

Edgar, Adrienne L. "Genealogy, Class, and "Tribal Policy" in Soviet Turkmenistan, 1924-1934" 2:266

Ehre, Milton (film review) 3:600

Ellman, Michael. "The Road from Il'ich to Il'ich: The Life and Times of Anastas Ivanovich Mikoian" 1:140

Emerson, Caryl (review) 2:456

Eminov, Ali (review) 3:631

Engel, David (review) 1:165

Ericson, Richard (review) 2:445

Ermolaev, Herman (review) 4:890

Farrell, Dianne E. (review) 1:219

Felak, James Ramon (review) 3:618

Felkay, Andrew (review) 3:627

Fierman, William (review) 3:644

Fortescue, Stephen (review) 3:611

Fowkes, Ben (review) 3:657

Friedenreich, Harriet Pass (review) 4:833

Friedgut, Theodore H. (review) 1:187

Friedman, Victor A. (review) 4:841

Fulbrook, Mary (review) 1:157

Gatrell, Peter (review) 4:844

Gerner, Kristian (review) 2:439

Gill, Graeme (review) 3:652

Gordin, Michael D. "Loose and Baggy Spirits: Reading Dostoevskii and Mendeleev" 4:756

Grancelli, Bruno (review) 3:606

Grant, Jonathan (review) 2:431

Greenleaf, Monika (review) 3:683

Gregor, A. James (review) 4:868

Grenoble, Lenore A. (review) 1:217

Grossman, Gregory (review) 3:610

Halfin, Igal (review) 4:859

Haller, Max (review) 1:168

Haltof, Marek (review) 1:167

Hammarberg, Gitta (review) 3:674

Hanson, Philip (review) 1:196

Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi (review) 2:449

Hayden, Robert M. (review) 2:413

Healey, Dan. "Masculine Purity and 'Gentlemen's Mischief': Sexual Exchange and Prostitution between Russian Men, 1861-1941" 2:233

Hellberg-Hirn, Elena (review) 4:870

Herspring, Dale (review) 3:659

Herwig, Holger H. (review) 3:619

Herzfeld, Michael (review) 4:839

Hiden, John (review) 4:842

Hoch, Steven L. "B. N. Mironov and His 'Demographic Processes and Problems'" 3:584

Hoedl, Klaus (review) 4:835

Hollander, Paul (review) 1:188

Holquist, Peter (review) 3:651

Horton, Andrew (review) 1:218

Hosking, Geoffrey (review) 4:850

Hrytsak, Yaroslav (review) 3:637

Hughes, James (review) 4:858

Hughes, Michael (review) 1:163

Humphrey, Caroline (review) 2:425

Ingrao, Charles (review) 2:401

Ishiyama, John T. (review) 3:636

Johnson, Juliet (review) 4:872

Kaiser, Robert J. (review) 1:201

Kanet, Roger E. (review) 2:447

Kappeler, Andreas (review) 4:845

Karakasidou, Anastasia N. (review) 3:632

Katzburg, Nathaniel (review) 4:834

Kellogg, Frederick (review) 1:169

Ketchian, Sonia I. (review) 4:892

King, Charles (review) 1:156

Klier, John D. (review) 4:846

Kolar-Panov, Dona (review) 3:635

Kollmann, Nancy Shields (review) 3:645

Kolstø, På1. "A Mass for a Heretic? The Controversy over Lev Tolstoi's Burial" 1:75

Konecny, Peter (review) 3:654

Korros, Alexandra S. (review) 4:852

Kosztolnyik, Z. J. (review) 2:407

Kot, Joanna (review) 3:677

Köves, András (review) 3:612

Kravchuk, Robert S. (review) 3:641

Kreindler, Isabelle (review) 4:827

Kulczycki, John J. (review) 3:621

Kuromiya, Hiroaki (review) 4:854

Kürti, László (review) 2:398

Kuzio, Taras (review) 2:421

Lane, David (review) 2:397

Larson, Susan (film review) 2:390

Lavigne, Marie (review) 2:424

Leighton, Lauren G. (review) 1:209

Leitzel, Jim (review) 3:670

Liber, George O. (review) 2:420

Linz, Susan J. (review) 3:668

Loth, Wilfried (review) 4:831

Lounsbery, Anne. "'Russia! What Do You Want of Me?': The Russian Reading Public in Dead Souls" 2:367

Löwenhardt, John (review) 3:666

Maag, Karin (review) 3:625

MacFadyen, David (review) 4:887

Magocsi, Paul Robert (review) 4:825

Mally, Lynn (review) 3:678

Mandel, David (review) 3:662

Manning, Nick (review) 4:830

Markowitz, Fran (review) 3:672

Masing-Delic, Irene (review) 4:885

Mason, David S. (review) 3:663

McDonald, David (review) 1:179

McFaul, Michael (review) 1:191

McKean, Robert B. (review) 2:436

McReynolds, Louise (review) 2:430

Mertus, Julie (review) 3:634

Mestrovic, Stjepan G. (review) 1:170

Meyer, Priscilla (review) 3:684

Michta, Andrew A. (reviews) 1:205, 1:206

Millar, James R. (review) 4:828

Mironov, Boris N. "Response to William G. Wagner's 'Law and the State in Boris Mironov's Sotsial'naia istoriia Rossii'" 3:566; "Response to Willard Sunderland's 'Empire in Boris Mironov's Sotsial'naia istoriia Rossii'" 3:579; "Response to Steven L. Hoch's 'B. N. Mironov and His "Demographic Processes and Problems"'" 3:591

Moghadam, Valentine M. (review) 2:394

Mork, Gordon (obituary) 1:230

Morosan, Vladimir (review) 4:894

Mostov, Julie (review) 2:410

Naiman, Eric (review) 2:458

Needell, Jeffrey D. (review) 2:409

Nemes, Robert. "The Politics of the Dance Floor: Culture and Civil Society in Nineteenth-Century Hungary" 4:802

Nemes, Robert (review) 2:408

Northrop, Douglas. "Subaltern Dialogues: Subversion and Resistance in Soviet Uzbek Family Law" 1:115

Ofer, Gur (review) 3:674

O'Rourke, Shane (review) 3:646

Ost, David (review) 3:623

Pano, Nicholas C. (film review) 3:600

Parton, Anthony (review) 2:454

Patterson, Perry L. (review) 3:671

Pavkovi, Aleksandar (review) 3:629

Peace, Richard (review) 4:881

Pervukhin, Natalia K. (review) 1:210

Peterson, Nadya L. "The Private 'I' in the Works of Nina Berberova" 3:491

Petro, Nicolai N. (review) 3:665

Petrone, Karen (review) 4:862

Platt, Kevin M. F. (review) 3:680

Polinsky, Maria (review) 2:444

Porter, Brian (review) 4:837

Porter, Robert (review) 1:160

Potichnyj, Peter J. (review) 4:847

Prybyla, Jan (review) 2:448

Putney, Christopher (review) 2:451

Ram, Harsha. "Imagining Eurasia: The Poetics and Ideology of Olzhas Suleimenov's AZ i IA" 2:289

Ramet, Sabrina P. (review) 2:411

Ransel, David L. "A Single Research Community: Not Yet" 3:550

Read, Christopher (review) 2:432

Reese, Roger (review) 4:863

Rich, David Alan (review) 2:429

Rieber, Alfred J. (review) 1:177

Ries, Nancy (review) 1:212

Robson, Roy R. (review) 3:647

Roman, Eric (review) 3:626

Rosefielde, Steven S. (review) 2:441

Rothstein, Robert A. "How It Was Sung in Odessa: At the Intersection of Russian and Yiddish Folk Culture" 4:781

Ruder, Cynthia A. (review) 3:681

Rueschemeyer, Marilyn (review) 4:824

Sakwa, Richard (review) 1:153

Samuelson, Lennart (review) 4:857

Sandler, Stephanie. "Scared into Selfhood: The Poetry of Inna Lisnianskaia, Elena Shvarts, Ol'ga Sedakova" 3:473

Sanford, George (review) 2:403

Sasse, Gwendolyn (review) 2:422

Schmalsteig, William R. (review) 2:417

Schönle, Andreas. "Garden of the Empire: Catherine's Appropriation of the Crimea 1:1

Schuler, Catherine (review) 2:452

See, Katherine O'Sullivan (review) 2:443

Segel, Harold B. (review) 4:878

Seifrid, Thomas (review) 4:889

Senn, Alfred Erich (review) 1:173

Shatz, Marshall S. (review) 3:649

Siegelbaum, Lewis H. (review) 4:865

Silverman, Bertram (review) 1:198

Simms, James Y., Jr., (review) 2:434

Shepherd, David (review) 2:460

Shkandrij, Myroslav (review) 3:640

Shlapentokh, Dmitry (review) 1:181

Sked, Alan (review) 1:152

Slobin, Greta N. "The 'Homecoming' of the First Wave Diaspora and Its Cultural Legacy" 3:513; (obituary) 4:924

Smialek, William (review) 3:624

Smith, G. S. (review) 1:211

Smith, Michael (obituary) 1:230

Sperling, Valerie (review) 2:393

Stachura, Peter D. (review) 3:616

Stapanian-Apkarian, Juliette (review) 2:459

Stauter-Halsted, Keely (review) 3:620

Steinberg, Mark D. (review) 2:433

Stokes, Gale (review) 2:400

Stone, David R. (review) 3:653

Stoytchev, Lubomir I. (review) 1:203

Stuart, Mary (review) 4:893

Subtelny, Orest (review) 2:402

Sunderland, Willard, "Empire in Boris Mironov's Sotsial'naia istoriia Rossii" 3:571

Suny, Ronald Grigor (review) 2:428

Sutcliffe, Adam (review) 4:836

Swain, Geoffrey (review) 4:861

Taras, Ray (review) 1:164

Taylor, Richard (review) 3:679

Terras, Victor (reviews) 3:676, 4:881

Thaden, Edward C. (review) 4:843

Thomas, Alfred (review) 2:404

Thurston, Gary (review) 4:855

Thyrêt, Isolde (review) 1:151

Timberlake, Charles E. (review) 4:851

Titma, Mikk (review) 4:871

Tjeldvoll, Arild (review) 1:203

Todorova, Maria (review) 3:602

Treisman, Daniel (review) 1:193

Trensky, Paul I. (review) 3:617

Trice, Tom. "Rites of Protest: Populist Funerals in Imperial St. Petersburg, 1876-1878" 1:50

Troebst, Stefan (review) 2:414

Turnock, David (review) 1:206

Tyrrell, John (review) 2:405

van Meurs, Wim (review) 2:419

Velychenko, Stephen (review) 3:638

Vermes, Gabor (review) 4:838

Viola, Lynne. "The Other Archipelago: Kulak Deportations to the North in 1930" 4:730

Wachtel, Andrew (review) 2:415

Wachtel, Michael (review) 4:886

Wade, Rex A. (review) 2:436

Wagner, William G. "Law and the State in Boris Mironov's Sotsial'naia istoriia Rossii" 3:558

Wallander, Celeste A. (review) 4:873

Watson, Derek (review) 1:185

Wcislo, Frank (review) 1:175

Weeks, Theodore R. "Russification and the Lithuanians, 1863-1905" 1:96

Wehling, Fred (review) 1:208

Weigle, Marcia A. (review) 1:189

Weiner, Douglas R. (review) 4:849

Westwood, J. N. (review) 1:180

White, Anne (review) 3:661

Winters, Stanley B. (obituary) 4:923

Woll, Josephine (review) 3:685

Yekelchyk, Serhy (review) 1:162

Youngblood, Denise J. (review) 3:648

Zacek, Joseph Frederick (obituary) 4:922

Ziolkowski, Margaret (review) 2:418