Volume 61 Contributors

Ágh, Attila (review) 3:594

Alexander, John T. (review) 3:615

Allcock, John B. (review) 4:838

Allen, Elizabeth Cheresh (review) 4:880

Andrle, Vladimir (review) 4:863

Anechiarico, Frank (review) 1:133

Arel, Dominique (review) 1:149

Argentieri, Federigo (review) 3:608

Ascher, Abraham (review) 4:855

Avery, Donald H. (review) 2:397

Barford, Paul M. (review) 3:584

Baylis, Thomas A. (review) 4:823

Beissinger, Mark R. (review) 4:822

Belin, Laura (review) 1:176

Bell, Ruth Greenspan (review) 4:821

Bennett, Brian C. (review) 4:839

Berend, Ivan T. (review) 1:132

Bernard-Donals, Michael (review) 3:651

Bernhard, Michael (review) 3:595

Birnbaum, Marianna D. (review) 2:386

Blackwell, Stephen H. (review) 2:436

Blobaum, Robert E. (review) 1:158

Bogucki, Peter (review) 4:817

Borden, Richard C. (review) 1:192

Børtnes, Jostein (review) 3:647

Brandist, Craig (review) 3:650

Braun, Aurel (review) 1:146

Bristow, John (review) 3:607

Brower, Daniel (review) 2:408

Brown, Archie (review) 2:371

Brown, Julie V. (film review) 2:365

Brumfield, William Craft (review) 3:642

Bryant, Chad. "Either German or Czech: Fixing Nationality in Bohemia and Moravia, 1939­1946" 4:683

Brzeski, Andrzej (obituary) 3:681

Campbell, David (review) 2:394

Carden, Patricia (review) 3:652

Cassiday, Julie A. (review) 2:434

Chances, Ellen (review) 1:194

Checkel, Jeffrey T. (review) 1:170

Christie, Nils (review) 3:599

Cienciala, Anna M. (review) 1:141

Clayton, J. Douglas (review) 1:184

Clemens, Walter, Jr. (review) 3:610

Clowes, Edith W. (review) 1:199

Congdon, Lee (review) 2:392

Corredor, Eva L. (review) 2:376

Costlow, Jane (review) 1:183

Cottey, Andrew (review) 2:374

Cox, Gary (review) 2:432

Critchlow, James (review) 3:643

Crowley, David (review) 1:139

Curtis, James M. "Metaphor Is to Dostoevskii as Metonymy Is to Tolstoi" 1:109

Czerwinski, E. J. (review) 3:596

Daniels, Robert V. (review) 4:857

d'Anieri, Paul (review) 2:399

Davidson, Pamela. "The Moral Dimension of the Prophetic Ideal: Pushkin and His Readers" 3:490

Dittmer, Lowell (review) 4:865

Dixon, Simon (review) 4:878

Dmytryshyn, Basil (review) 2:407

Donia, Robert J. (review) 4:840

Dowler, Wayne (review) 3:617

Dragnich, Alex N. (review) 4:837

Dubinets, Elena (review) 1:197

Dunajewski, Henri (obituary) 3:681

Dunlop, John B. (review) 3:614

Dunn, Dennis J. (review) 4:825

Easley, Roxanne. "Opening Public Space: The Peace Arbitrator and Rural Politicization, 1861­1864" 4:707

Edmunds, Neil (review) 4:886

Eklof, Ben (review) 3:612

Emmert, Thomas A. (review) 4:841

Emmons, Terence (review) 1:161

Engel, David (review) 1:140

Engelstein, Laura (review) 1:159

Enteen, George. "Recent Writings about Soviet Historiography" 2:357

Erb, Gwyn, Thomas F. Klobucar, and Arthur H. Miller. "The 1999 Ukrainian Presidential Election: Personalities, Ideology, Partisanship, and the Economy" 2:315

Ericson, Edward E., Jr. (review) 2:425

Essig, Laurie (review) 4:877

Evans-Romaine, Karen (review) 1:188

Fanning, David (review) 1:198

Faraday, George (film review) 2:364

Farnsworth, Beatrice (review) 2:415

Ference, Gregory C. (review) 4:828

Fischer-Galati, Stephen (review) 1:145

Fish, M. Steven (review) 1:174

Fitzpatrick, Sheila. "The World of Ostap Bender: Soviet Confidence Men in the Stalin Period" 3:535

Forsyth, James (review) 2:424

Franklin, Simon (review) 2:401

Friedgut, Theodore H. (review) 3:630

Fritzsche, Peter (review) 1:128

Fudge, Thomas A. (review) 1:142

Garthoff, Raymond L. (review) 3:640

Gates-Coon, Rebecca (review) 2:384

Getty, J. Arch (review) 4:853

Gill, Peter (review) 2:375

Gillespie, David (review) 2:416

Gilman, Sander L. (review) 3:649

Gimpelson, Vladimir (review) 3:637

Goldfarb, Jeffrey C. (review) 2:377

Goldman, Minton F. (review) 3:586

Gorsuch, Anne E. (review) 1:168

Goscilo, Helena (review) 3:654

Gregorian, Vartan (obituary) 4:912

Gregory, Paul R., and Andrei Markevich. "Creating Soviet Industry: The House That Stalin Built" 4:787

Gross, Jan T. "A Response" 3:483

Gueullette, Agôta (obituary) 3:681

Gustafson, Thane (review) 2:418

Hafner, Danica Fink (review) 2:390

Hagen, William W. "A 'Potent, Devilish Mixture' of Motives: Explanatory Strategy and Assignment of Meaning in Jan Gross's Neighbors" 3:466

Hahn, Jeffrey W. (review) 1:173

Halperin, Charles J. (review) 2:401

Hanson, Stephen E. (review) 1:171

Hasty, Olga P. (review) 2:428

Hauner, Milan (review) 2:414

Hawkesworth, Celia (review) 4:836

Hellie, Richard (review) 1:156

Hellmann, Donald C. (review) 3:631

Henriksson, Anders (review) 1:147

Hilton, Alison (review) 4:882

Hirsch, Francine. "Race without the Practice of Racial Politics" 1:30

Hitchins, Keith (obituary) 2:449

Holc, Janine P. "Working through Jan Gross's Neighbors" 3:453

Holmes, Leslie (review) 2:417

Housley, Norman (review) 2:384

Hudson, Hugh D., Jr. (review) 4:872

Hughes, Lindsey (review) 4:849

Hunczak, Taras (review) 1:150

Huskey, Eugene (review) 4:868

Hutton, Marcelline (review) 3:624

Iatridis, Demetrius S. (review) 2:372

Ickes, Barry W. (review) 4:871

Ili, Melanie (review) 4:852

Ivashkin, Alexander (film review) 3:582

Janos, Andrew C. (review) 3:592

Johnson, D. Barton (review) 1:191

Johnson, Vida T. (review) 2:439

Johnston, Robert H. (review) 4:827

Jones, W. Gareth (review) 3:644

Jordan, Peter D. (review) 2:368

Josephson, Paul (review) 4:852

Karpat, Kemal H. (review) 4:834

Kaser, Michael (review) 1:151

Kassow, Samuel (review) 4:861

Kellogg, Frederick (review) 3:603

Kenrick, Donald (review) 3:591

Khalid, Adeeb (review) 3:618

King, Alexander D. (review) 4:876

King, Charles (review) 3:604

Kirjanov, Daria A. (review) 3:648

Kirschbaum, Stanislav (review) 1:138

Kitschelt, Herbert (review) 3:587

Kizenko, Nadieszda A. (review) 1:154

Kleimola, A. M. (review) 4:848

Klioutchkine, Konstantine. "The Rise of Crime and Punishment from the Air of the Media" 1:88

Klobucar, Thomas F., Arthur H. Miller, and Gwyn Erb. "The 1999 Ukrainian Presidential Election: Personalities, Ideology, Partisanship, and the Economy" 2:315

Kolstø, På1 (review) 1:129

Kubicek, Paul (review) 3:636

Lampe, John R. (review) 2:369

Lavenex, Sandra (review) 3:589

LeDonne, John P. (review) 2:409

Leff, Carol Skalnik, and Susan B. Mikula. "Institutionalizing Party Systems in Multiethnic States: Integration and Ethnic Segmentation in Czechoslovakia, 1918­1992" 2:292

Lemon, Alaina. "Without a 'Concept'? Race as Discursive Practice" 1:54; (review) 1:130

Lewis, David C. (review) 1:181

Liber, George O. (review) 4:846

Lieven, Dominic (review) 2:411

Livezeanu, Irina (review) 2:388

Lo, Bobo (review) 3:634

Loukianov, Mikhail. "Conservatives and 'Renewed Russia,' 1907­1914" 4:762

Lovell, Stephen. "Between Arcadia and Suburbia: Dachas in Late Imperial Russia" 1:66

Lyandres, Semion (review) 1:163

Macey, David A. J. (review) 3:616

Manning, Roberta T. (review) 4:860

Markevich, Andrei, and Paul R. Gregory. "Creating Soviet Industry: The House That Stalin Built" 4:787

Martin, Janet (review) 2:404

Matj, Petr (review) 2:381

Mawdsley, Evan (review) 1:169

May, Rachel (review) 3:645

McAuley, Mary (review) 3:633

McCaffray, Susan P. (review) 2:412

McCannon, John (review) 3:626

Melancon, Michael (review) 4:856

Meurs, Mieke (review) 3:605

Michels, Georg (review) 2:403

Michta, Andrew A. (review) 3:598

Mikula, Susan B., and Carol Skalnik Leff. "Institutionalizing Party Systems in Multiethnic States: Integration and Ethnic Segmentation in Czechoslovakia, 1918­1992" 2:292

Miller, Arthur H., Thomas F. Klobucar, and Gwyn Erb. "The 1999 Ukrainian Presidential Election: Personalities, Ideology, Partisanship, and the Economy" 2:315

Moore, John H. (obituary) 3:681

Morozov, Boris (review) 3:628

Morris, Marcia A. (review) 1:157

Mote, Victor (film review) 2:366

Murav, Harriet (review) 2:427

Musil, Jiri (review) 3:601

Myant, Martin (review) 3:588

Naimark, Norman M. (review) 2:389; "The Nazis and 'The East': Jedwabne's Circle of Hell" 3:476

Nepomnyashchy, Catharine Theimer (film review) 4:815

O'Donnell, James (review) 4:843

Oeler, Karla. "The Dead Wives in the Dead House: Narrative Inconsistency and Genre Confusion in Dostoevskii's Autobiographical Prison Novel" 3:519

Okenfuss, Max J. (review) 2:430

Okey, Robin (review) 2:385

Olson, Laura J. (review) 3:658

Orwin, Donna (review) 2:435

Osherenko, Gail (review) 3:662

Ostrowski, Donald (review) 4:847

Papacostea, erban (review) 3:600

Parthé, Kathleen (review) 2:429

Parton, Anthony (review) 4:884

Pearson, Raymond (review) 3:585

Pereira, N. G. O. (review) 1:165

Perrie, Maureen (review) 1:155

Pesmen, Dale (review) 4:875

Péteri, György (review) 4:832

Petersson, Bo (review) 4:824

Pfaltzgraff, Robert L., Jr. (review) 4:867

Pike, David (review) 3:593

Piirainen, Timo (review) 2:422

Polansky, Patricia (obituary) 2:450

Pomfret, Richard R. (review) 3:611

Pomper, Philip (review) 1:162

Pritchard, Gareth D. (review) 2:378

Raeff, Marc (review) 1:152

Ramet, Sabrina P. "Views from Inside: Memoirs concerning the Yugoslav Breakup and War" 3:558

Ray, Larry (review) 1:134

Reid, Susan E. "Cold War in the Kitchen: Gender and the De-Stalinization of Consumer Taste in the Soviet Union under Khrushchev" 2:211

Remington, Thomas F. (review) 4:870

Rethmann, Petra (review) 3:659

Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. (review) 2:400

Robbins, Richard G., Jr. (review) 3:619

Roberts, Graham H. J. (review) 1:189

Robinson, Neil (review) 2:421

Rollberg, Peter (review) 2:438

Roper, Steven D. (review) 3:606

Rosslyn, Wendy (review) 4:879

Roszkowski, Wojciech. "After Neighbors: Seeking Universal Standards" 3:460

Rozman, Gilbert (review) 3:641

Rudova, Larissa (review) 1:193

Rupp, Susan Zayer (review) 4:858

Rutland, Peter (review) 1:179

Sacks, Michael Paul (review) 4:830

Safran, Gabriella. "Isaak Babel''s El'ia Isaakovich as a New Jewish Type" 2:253

Samson, Jim (review) 2:379

atava, Leo (review) 4:826

Saul, Norman E. (review) 4:818

Schmitz, Andrew (review) 2:373

Schneider, James J. (review) 3:622

Schönle, Andreas (review) 1:182

Seaman, Gerald R. (review) 4:885

Sells, Michael (review) 2:393

Senn, Alfred Erich (film review) 3:581

Shlapentokh, Vladimir (review) 4:874

Shrayer, Maxim D. "Dostoevskii, the Jewish Question, and The Brothers Karamazov" 2:273

Skpska, Grayna (review) 4:820

Skeldon, Ronald (review) 4:819

Slensinski, Robert F. (review) 2:431

Smith, Douglas (review) 4:850

Smith, S. A. (review) 4:862

Smyth, Denis (review) 3:625

Stachura, Peter D. (review) 4:859

Stapanian-Apkarian, Juliette (review) 4:881

Stauter-Halsted, Keely (review) 4:833

Steen, Anton (review) 4:845

Stefancic, David (review) 4:829

Stein, Sarah Abrevaya. "Faces of Protest: Yiddish Cartoons of the 1905 Revolution" 4:732

Stevens, Carol B. (review) 2:405

Stewart, Michael (review) 3:660

Strong, George V. (review) 1:143

Tabuns, Aivars (review) 2:395

Taljunaite, Meilute (review) 2:396

Teich, Milulá (review) 3:597

Thaman, Stephen C. (review) 1:178

Thomas, Alfred (review) 1:136

Tikhomirov, Vladimir I. (review) 3:635

Tirado, Isabel (review) 2:413

Tompson, William J. (review) 1:177

Townsend, Charles E. (review) 3:657

Tucker, Janet G. (review) 1:185

Tumarkin, Nina (review) 3:646

Turner, C. J. G. (review) 2:433

Turnock, David (review) 2:423

Urban, Michael (review) 3:644

Valkenier, Elizabeth Kridl (review) 1:196

Valliant, Robert (obituary) 2:450

van Brabant, Jozef M. (review) 1:135

Várdy, Steven Béla (review) 2:382

Vermes, Gabor (obituary) 2:450

Vianiu, Lidia (review) 1:144

Viola, Lynne (review) 3:629

von Geldern, James (review) 1:166

Vowles, Judith (review) 3:621

Wachtel, Michael (review) 3:656

Waldron, Peter (review) 3:620

Wanner, Adrian (review) 1:187

Watson, Derek (review) 3:627

Wegren, Stephen (review) 3:609

Weigle, Marcia A. (review) 3:638

Weinberg, Gerhard L. (review) 4:864

Weiner, Amir "Nothing but Certainty" 1:44

Weitz, Eric D. "Racial Politics without the Concept of Race: Reevaluating Soviet Ethnic and National Purges" 1:1; "On Certainties and Ambivalencies: Reply to My Critics" 1:62

Wheatcroft, Stephen G. (review) 1:160

Whelan, Heide W. (review) 4:844

White, Christine A. (review) 3:623

White, Stephen (review) 2:420

Wingfield, Nancy M. (review) 2:370

Wolff, Larry. "The Poetry and Prose of Everyday Life in Communist Kraków: Moths, Old Maids, and the Memoirs of Adam Zagajewski" 2:345

Wydra, Harald (review) 4:829

Zelnik, Reginald E. (obituary) 4:912