Volume 62 Contributors

Ahdieh, Robert (review) 4:872

Alexeev, Mikhail A. (review) 1:207

Anderson, John (review) 2:395

Anderson, Richard D. (review) 1:201

Andreucci, Franco (review) 3:570

Andrews, James T. (obituary) 4:907

Anemone, Anthony (review) 1:216

Balin, Carole B. (review) 3:573

Balina, Marina (review) 3:638

Barry, Donald (review) 1:199

Barylski, Robert V. (review) 1:193

Bater, James H. (review) 1:182

Becker, Jonathan (review) 1:202

Bernstein, Laurie (review) 1:181

Beumers, Birgit. "Soviet and Russian Blockbusters: A Question of Genre?" 3:441

Beyer, Thomas R., Jr. (review) 2:414

Bianchini, Stefano (review) 1:171

Bidney, Martin (review) 3:627

Bilinsky, Yaroslav (review) 1:173

Bird, Robert (review) 2:407

Blackwell, Stephen H. (review) 3:634

Bodnár, Judit (review) 3:594

Boettke, Peter J. (review) 2:363

Bokovoy, Melissa K. (review) 1:159

Borenstein, Eliot (review) 1:224

Bradshaw, Michael (review) 3:618

Bringa, Tone (review) 1:168

Brintlinger, Angela (review) 2:415

Bruhn, Jorgen (review) 1:215

Bryant, Chad (review) 2:359

Buchli, Victor (review) 4:881

Bugajski, Janusz (review) 1:143

Bushkovitch, Paul (review) 2:389

Butterwick, Richard (review) 2:369

Cerman, Markus (review) 3:585

Chomiak, Martha Bohachevsky (review) 1:211

Cirtautas, Arista Maria (review) 1:152

Clark, Charles E. (review) 3:617

Clark, Terry D. (review) 4:811

Clark, Terry D., and Nerijus Prekevičius. "Explaining the 2000 Lithuanian Parliamentary Elections: An Application of Contextual and New Institutional Approaches" 3:548

Clayton, J. Douglas (review) 2:410

Clemens, Walter C., Jr. (review) 4:843

Clements, Barbara Evans (review) 2:393

Cockerham, William C. (review) 1:149

Cockrell, Roger (review) 2:419

Cohen, Aaron J. "Oh, That! Myth, Memory, and World War I in the Russian Emigration and the Soviet Union" 1:69; (review) 4:861

Cohen, Gary B. (review) 4:831

Coleman, Heather J. (review) 2:392

Connolly, Julian W. (review) 2:421

Cooke, Catherine (review) 2:367

Cornell, Svante E. (review) 3:602

Cracraft, James (review) 4:852

Crampton, Richard (review) 4:838

Creed, Gerald W. (review) 1:150

Crowley, Stephen (review) 1:197

Csepeli, György (review) 1:161

David-Fox, Michael. "Stalinist Westernizer? Aleksandr Arosev's Literary and Political Depictions of Europe" 4:733

Day, Richard B. (review) 2:401

Deboer-Ashworth, Elizabeth (review) 1:161

Deletant, Dennis (review) 4:836

Desmond, Jane (review) 3:608

Dianina, Katia. "Passage to Europe: Dostoevskii in the St. Petersburg Arcade" 2:237

Doherty, Justin (review) 4:877

Doubt, Keith (review) 3:623

Douglas, Charlotte (review) 2:426

Dukes, Paul (review) 2:386

Duncan, Peter J. S. (review) 1:200

Elleman, Bruce A. (review) 4:862

Elsie, Robert (review) 4:841

Ely, Christopher. "The Origins of Russian Scenery: Volga River Tourism and Russian Landscape Aesthetics" 4:666

Ericson, Richard E. (review) 4:823

Falkowska, Janina (review) 3:592

Fawn, Rick (review) 3:587

Filipowicz, Halina (review) 2:366

Filtzer, Donald (review) 2:381

Fleming, K. E. (review) 3:597

Fowkes, Ben (review) 1:196

Frankel, Jonathan (review) 1:188

Frankowski, Stanislaw (review) 4:819

Frieden, Ken (review) 1:217

Fusso, Susanne (review) 4:876

Galeotti, Mark (review) 4:870

Garnett, Sherman W. (review) 1:206

Gatrall, Jefferson J. A. "The Paradox of Melancholy Insight: Reading the Medical Subtext in Chekhov's 'A Boring Story'" 2:258

Geraci, Robert P. (review) 2:389

Gerner, Kristian (review) 3:577

Gillespie, Alyssa Dinega (review) 3:629

Gillespie, David C. "The Sounds of Music: Soundtrack and Song in Soviet Film" 3:473

Givens, John (review) 1:220

Gleason, Abbott (review) 3:611

Glenn, John (review) 1:176

Golub, Spencer (review) 2:420

Goluboff, Sascha L. (review) 3:604

Goodman, Bryna (review) 4:865

Gordy, Eric (review) 2:377

Gorsuch, Anne. "'There's No Place Like Home': Soviet Tourism in Late Stalinism" 4:760

Grancelli, Bruno (review) 4:814

Gregory, Paul R. (review) 2:404

Gross, Peter (review) 3:624

Grzymala-Busse, Anna (review) 3:581

Gvosdev, Nikolas K. (review) 1:180

Haghayeghi, Mehrdad (review) 3:605

Halfin, Igal. "Between Instinct and Mind: The Bolshevik View of the Proletarian Self" 1:34

Hall, Richard C. (review) 2:374

Hamburg, G. M. (review) 1:177

Hann, Chris (review) 2:402

Herzfeld, Michael (review) 4:820

Hirsch, Francine. "Getting to Know 'The Peoples of the USSR': Ethnographic Exhibits as Soviet Virtual Tourism, 1923-1934" 4:683

Hitchins, Keith (review) 3:596

Hödl, Klaus (review) 3:588

Hoisington, Sona Stephan. "'Ever Higher': The Evolution of the Project for the Palace of Soviets" 1:41

Hough, Jerry F. (review) 1:198

Hrytsak, Yaroslav (review) 4:845

Hughes, Michael (review) 4:856

Ishiyama, John T. (review) 3:616

Jersild, Austin (review) 4:849

Kaiser, Daniel H. "'Whose Wife Will She Be at the Resurrection?' Marriage and Remarriage in Early Modern Russia" 2:302

Kalyuzhnova, Yelena (review) 3:583

Kanet, Roger E. (review) 2:371

Karakasidou, Anastasia (review) 4:835

Kaser, Karl (review) 4:840

Kay, Sean (review) 2:375

Kearney, Leslie (review) 3:636

Kenez, Peter (review) 4:883

Khazanov, Anatoly M. (review) 1:175

Klimenko, Michael (review) 2:409

Knight, David M. (review) 1:195

Knysh, George D. (review) 4:874

Kochanowicz, Jacek (review) 1:148

Koenker, Diane P. "Travel to Work, Travel to Play: On Russian Tourism, Travel, and Leisure" 4:657

Kollmann, Nancy Shields (review) 2:384

Kolsti, John (review) 4:839

Kolsto, Pal (review) 3:599

Konecny, Peter (review) 1:191

Kopecky, Petr (review) 1:144

Kopstein, Jeffrey S., and Jason Wittenberg. "Who Voted Communist? Reconsidering the Social Bases of Radicalism in Interwar Poland" 1:87

Koropeckyj, Roman, and Robert Romanchuk. "Ukraine in Blackface: Performance and Representation in Gogol''s Dikan'ka Tales, Book 1" 3:525

Kostalevsky, Marina (review) 3:631

Kot, Joanna (review) 3:626

Kotz, David M. (review) 1:147

Krylova, Anna. "Beyond the Spontaneity-Consciousness Paradigm: 'Class Instinct' as a Promising Category of Historical Analysis" 1:1

Kumar, Krishan (review) 4:818

Kümmel, Gerhard (review) 1:145

Kuromiya, Hiroaki (review) 4:863

Kürti, László (review) 3:574

Kuzio, Taras (review) 4:846

Lampland, Martha (review) 1:162

Lane, David (review) 3:615

Larsen, Susan. "National Identity, Cultural Authority, and the Post-Soviet Blockbuster: Nikita Mikhalkov and Aleksei Balabanov" 3:491

Layton, Susan (review) 4:854

Leatherbarrow, William J. (review) 1:213

Leighton, Lauren G. (review) 2:406

Levin, Eve (review) 4:874

Lindemann, Albert S. (review) 1:154

Lockwood, David (review) 2:403

Loseff, Lev (review) 3:591

Lucarelli, Sonia (review) 2:365

Lynch, Allen C. (review) 3:621

Maag, Karin (review) 3:571

Macey, David A. J. (review) 3:609

MacKenzie, David (review) 1:165

Maguire Robert A. (review) 3:628

Malik, Hafeez (review) 4:848

Mally, Lynn (review) 1:212; "Exporting Soviet Culture: The Case of Agitprop Theater" 2:324

Mannin, Michael (review) 4:817

Marker, Gary (review) 3:625

Marks, Steven G. (review) 2:396

Martin, Virginia (review) 4:853

McCauley, Martin (review) 3:624

McFalls, Laurence H. (review) 3:570

McInnes, Colin (review) 2:405

McKay, Joanna (review) 2:368

McKean, Robert B. (review) 4:857

McNair, Brian (review) 3:580

Meehan, Brenda (review) 4:850

Melvin, Neil J. (review) 3:620

Mendelsohn, Ezra (review) 3:589

Merridale, Catherine (review) 2:399

Millar, James R. (review) 4:871

Millard, Frances (review) 4:833

Miller, Daniel E. (review) 3:586

Milner, John (review) 2:428

Milton, Andrew K. (review) 2:378

Minnich, Robert Gary (review) 3:578

Moraski, Bryon J., and William M. Reisinger. "Explaining Electoral Competition across Russia's Regions" 2:278

Neuberger, Joan (review) 1:190

Offe, Claus (review) 2:362

Offord, Derek (review) 2:413

O'Rourke, Shane (review) 4:844

Orttung, Robert W. (review) 3:613

Patterson, Patrick Hyder. "On the Edge of Reason: The Boundaries of Balkanism in Slovenian, Austrian, and Italian Discourse" 1:110

Pavković, Aleksandar (review) 3:598

Pereltsvaig, Asya, and Maria Polinsky (review) 2:424

Pervukhina, Natalia (review) 2:388

Petro, Peter (review) 1:219

Petrone, Karen (review) 2:394

Phillips, Laura L. (review) 1:187

Pilař, Martin (review) 1:155

Pintner, Walter M. (review) 2:359

Pogorelskin, Alexis E. (review) 2:397

Polinsky, Maria, and Asya Pereltsvaig (review) 2:424

Porter, Brian (review) 1:157

Potichnyj, Peter J. (review) 3:601

Powaski, Ronald E. (review) 4:860

Prekevičius, Nerijus, and Terry D. Clark. "Explaining the 2000 Lithuanian Parliamentary Elections: An Application of Contextual and New Institutional Approaches" 3:548

Prior, Daniel (review) 3:606

Prizel, Ilya (review) 2:380

Prokhorov, Aleksandr. "Cinema of Attractions versus Narrative Cinema: Leonid Gaidai's Comedies and El'dar Riazanov's Satires of the 1960s" 3:455

Prokhorova, Elena. "Can the Meeting Place Be Changed? Crime and Identity Discourse in Russian Television Series of the 1990s" 3:512

Pynsent, Robert B. (review) 2:361

Radan, Peter (review) 1:167

Ransel, David L. (review) 2:387

Reeder, Roberta (review) 2:417

Reisinger, William M. (review) 2:400

Reisinger, William M., and Bryon J. Moraski. "Explaining Electoral Competition across Russia's Regions" 2:278

Remington, Thomas F. (review) 4:869

Rich, David Alan (review) 3:610

Robinson, Neil (review) 3:619

Romanchuk, Robert, and Roman Koropeckyj. "Ukraine in Blackface: Performance and Representation in Gogol''s Dikan'ka Tales, Book 1" 3:525

Rona-Tas, Akos (review) 4:830

Rosefielde Steven S. (review) 1:208

Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer (review) 3:640

Ross, Cameron (review) 1:204

Rubin, Barnett R. (review) 3:606

Rubins, Maria (review) 2:411

Rudnytzky, Leonid (review) 1:172

Rudova, Larissa (review) 4:880

Rusinow, Dennison (review) 2:376

Russell, Robert (review) 4:879

Rutland, Peter (review) 4:866

Sakwa, Richard (review) 1:142

Sanford, George (review) 4:834

Sasse, Gwendolyn (review) 3:600

Saxonberg, Steven (review) 1:156

Scherr, Barry P. (review) 3:633

Schneider, William H. (review) 2:372

Schrader, Abby M. (review) 2:383

Seifrid, Thomas (review) 1:218

Shneidman, N. N. (review) 1:223

Siegelbaum, Lewis H. (review) 3:612

©ilbajoris, Rimvydas (review) 3:632

Skak, Mette (review) 3:576

Smith, G. S. (review) 2:416

Smith, Helmut Walser (review) 3:575

Smith, Marian (review) 4:882

Smith, Michael G. (review) 1:189

Solomon, Susan Gross. "Knowing the 'Local': Rockefeller Foundation Officers' Site Visits to Russia in the 1920s" 4:710

Somel, Selçuk Akşin (review) 1:164

Spector, Scott (review) 1:153

Stanislawski, Michael (review) 1:179

Steiner, Peter. "Tropos Logikos: Gustav Shpet's Philosophy of History" 2:343

Stockdale, Melissa K. (review) 1:183

Stoecker, Sally W. (review) 1:192

Stoianovich, Traian (review) 1:163

Stokes, Raymond G. (review) 4:827

Stone, Michael E. (review) 1:174

Stone, Randall W. (review) 4:812

Sutton, Jonathan (review) 1:214

Taras, Ray (review) 4:822

Terras, Victor (review) 2:423

Thaden, Edward C. (review) 1:210

Thurston, Robert W. (review) 4:864

Tomei, Christine D. (review) 2:370

Troebst, Stefan (review) 1:170

Tsygankov, Andrei P. (review) 2:379

Turnock, David (review) 4:824

Tworzecki, Hubert (review) 4:816

Ulram, Peter A. (review) 3:595

Valentino, Russell Scott (review) 4:878

Várdy, S. B. (review) 4:826

Vickerstaff, Sarah A. (review) 1:146

Wachtel, Andrew (review) 1:166

Wade, Rex A. (review) 1:185

Wallace, Claire (review) 1:160

Waller, Michael J. (review) 4:868

Ward, Bruce K. (review) 2:412

Weiner, Robert (review) 3:579

Werth, Paul W. (review) 4:855

West, James L. (review) 2:391

White, James D. (review) 1:184

Williams, Andrew (review) 1:205

Wingfield, Nancy M. (review) 4:828

Winters, Stanley B. (review) 4:829

Wittenberg, Jason, and Jeffrey S. Kopstein. "Who Voted Communist? Reconsidering the Social Bases of Radicalism in Interwar Poland" 1:87

Woodruff, David M. (review) 3:584

Worrall, Nick (review) 1:221

Young, Glennys (review) 4:858

Youngblood, Denise J. (review) 3:637

Zavisca, Jane. "Contesting Capitalism at the Post-Soviet Dacha: The Meaning of Food Cultivation for Urban Russians" 4:786

Zelnik, Reginald E. "A Paradigm Lost? Response to Anna Krylova" 1:24; (review) 4:851

Zielonka, Jan (review) 4:815