Volume 63 Contributors

Abdelal, Rawi (review) 1:175

Abrams, Bradley (review) 1:143

Alexander, James (review) 4:899

Alexander, Ronelle (review) 4:871

Alexopoulos, Golfo (review) 4:907

Alexseev, Mikhail (review) 4:903

Allcock, John B. (review) 2:388

Atabaki, Touraj (review) 1:178

Austin, Paul M. (review) 3:641

Baer, Joachim T. (review) 3:630

Baev, Pavel (review) 1:199

Ballinger, Pamela (review) 4:869

Banaian, King (review) 2:397

Bater, James H. (review) 4:914

Baylis, Thomas A. (review) 4:861

Beer, Daniel (review) 2:409

Berend, Ivan T. (review) 1:162

Bernhard, Michael (review) 1:146

Bertsch, Gary K. (review) 4:877

Bideleux, Robert (review) 2:379

Blank, Stephen J. (review) 3:636

Bourdeaux, Michael (review) 4:873

Bowlt, John E. (review) 3:687

Boyarin, Jonathan (review) 4:857

Brandenberger, David (review) 2:412

Bremer, Kristin (review) 3:626

Brintlinger, Angela. "The Hero in the Madhouse: The Post-Soviet Novel Confronts the Soviet Past" 1:43

Brower, Daniel (review) 1:188

Brown, Archie. "The Soviet Union: Reform of the System or Systemic Transformation?" 3:489

Brown, Kate (review) 1:177

Brym, Robert J., and Vladimir Gimpelson. "The Size, Composition, and Dynamics of the Russian State Bureaucracy in the 1990s" 1:90

Bulag, Uradyn E. (review) 4:850

Bulgakowa, Oksana (review) 4:912

Butler, Francis. "A Woman of Words: Pagan Ol'ga in the Mirror of Germanic Europe" 4:771

Chorbajian, Levon (review) 4:875

Christian, David (review) 4:880

Cimbala, Stephen J. (review) 4:895

Cockfield, Jamie H. (review) 1:193

Cohen, Stephen F. "Was the Soviet System Reformable?" 3:459; "A Reply" 3:553

Cooper, Leo (review) 2:384

Cox, Gary (review) 2:432

Cox, John K. (review) 3:633

Cox, Terry (review) 4:851

Crawford, Beverly (review) 2:427

Crowley, Stephen (review) 4:902

Crowther, William (review) 4:864

Daly, Jonathan W. (review) 2:407

Danforth, Loring M. (review) 1:167

Danopoulos, Constantine P. (review) 4:867

David-Fox, Katherine (review) 2:381

Davis, Derek H. (review) 3:624

Dawisha, Karen. "The Question of Questions: Was the Soviet Union Worth Saving?" 3:513

Dean, Martin (review) 4:854

de Nevers, Renée (review) 3:627

Derluguian, Georgi M. "Alternative Pasts, Future Alternatives?" 3:535

Donia, Robert J. (review) 2:387

Doubt, Keith (review) 4:866

Dowler, Wayne (review) 2:413

Dunlop, John B. (review) 1:190

Dupré, Catherine (review) 4:863

Economakis, Evel G. (review) 3:653

Ehteshami, Anoushiravan (review) 3:646

Ellman, Michael. "Soviet Industrialization: A Remarkable Success?" 4:841

Engerman, David C. (review) 4:893

English, Robert D. (review) 3:680

Erdely, Stephen (review) 2:385

Eskin, Michael (review) 4:905

Farnsworth, Beatrice (review) 4:891

Fidelis, Malgorzata. "Equality through Protection: The Politics of Women's Employment in Postwar Poland, 1945-1956" 2:301

Figes, Orlando (review) 3:654

Forrester, Sibelan. "Sons, Lovers, and the Laius Complex in Russian Modernist Poetry" 1:1

Fowkes, Ben (review) 3:671

Frazier, Melissa (review) 1:208

Freedman, Robert O. (review) 1:205

Frieden, Ken (review) 2:392

Friedgut, Theodore H. (review) 2:419

Friedman, Francine (review) 1:170

Ganev, Venelin I. "History, Politics, and the Constitution: Ethnic Conflict and Constitutional Adjudication in Postcommunist Bulgaria" 1:66

Getty, J. Arch (review) 3:663

Gibson, James L. (review) 4:900

Gill, Graeme (review) 2:421

Gilman, Sander L. (review) 2:433

Gimpelson, Vladimir (review) 3:674

Gimpelson, Vladimir, and Robert J. Brym. "The Size, Composition, and Dynamics of the Russian State Bureaucracy in the 1990s" 1:90

Glazov-Corrigan, Elena (review) 2:440

Glenn, John K. (review) 3:621

Goldberg, Stuart. "Bedside with the Symbolist Hero: Blok in Mandel'shtam's 'Pust' v dushnoi komnate'" 1:26

Goldman, Minton F. (review) 3:622

Goluboff, Sascha L. "Are They Jews or Asians? A Cautionary Tale about Mountain Jewish Ethnography" 1:113

Goodwin, James (review) 1:185; (review) 4:910

Gorham, Michael (review) 4:884

Gorsuch, Anne E. (review) 4:879

Goulding, Daniel J. (review) 2:389

Grant, Bruce. "An Average Azeri Village (1930): Remembering Rebellion in the Caucasus Mountains" 4:705

Granville, Johanna (review) 1:171

Guesnet, François (review) 2:380

Günther, Hans (review) 4:906

Hagen, William W. (review) 1:157

Hahn, Jeffrey W. (review) 2:422

Hale, Henry E. (review) 2:425

Halperin, Charles J. (review) 3:651

Halpern, Joel M. (review) 2:386

Hamburg, G. M. (review) 4:889

Hamm, Michael F. (review) 2:395

Hanson, Stephen E. "Reform and Revolution in the Late Soviet Context" 3:527

Hartley, Janet (review) 1:182

Heinzen, James (review) 3:657

Henriksson, Anders (review) 3:639

Herspring, Dale R. (review) 2:426

Hicks, Jeremy (review) 3:681

Hitchins, Keith (review) 1:166

Hoch, Steven L. "Did Russia's Emancipated Serfs Really Pay Too Much for Too Little Land? Statistical Anomalies and Long-Tailed Distributions" 2:247

Hoffman, Betty N. (review) 3:676

Howard, Marc Morjé (review) 1:144

Hudson, Hugh D., Jr. (review) 1:149

Hughes, Lindsey (review) 3:652

Husband, William B. (review) 3:659

Huskey, Eugene. "From Higher Party Schools to Academies of State Service: The Marketization of Bureaucratic Training in Russia" 2:325

Jahn, Hubertus F. (review) 2:403

Jansen, Marc (review) 4:874

Javeline, Debra (review) 3:675

Jersild, Austin. "The Chechen Wars in Historical Perspective: New Work on Contemporary Russian-Chechen Relations" 2:367

Jones, Robert E. (review) 4:887

Jones, W. Gareth (review) 2:402

Jović, Dejan (review) 4:870

Kaganovsky, Lilya. "How the Soviet Man Was (Un)Made" 3:577

Karcz, Andrzej (review) 4:859

Kaser, Michael (review) 2:398

Kaufman, Joyce P. (review) 3:625

Kaufman, Stuart J. (review) 1:147

Kelly, Catriona (review) 3:683

Kempton, Daniel R. (review) 1:203

Kenney, Padraic (review) 3:619

Khodarkovsky, Michael (review) 3:643

King, Charles (review) 2:393

Kirschenbaum, Lisa A. (review) 1:197

Kitschelt, Herbert (review) 1:141

Kizenko, Nadieszda (review) 1:191

Koblitz, Ann Hibner (review) 3:661

Komaromi, Ann. "The Material Existence of Soviet Samizdat" 3:597

Kononenko, Natalie (review) 3:640

Kopstein, Jeffrey (review) 4:855

Kornetchuk, Elena (review) 1:173

Korros, Alexandra (review) 4:892

Kot, Joanna (review) 4:913

Kotsonis, Yanni. "'Face-to-Face': The State, the Individual, and the Citizen in Russian Taxation, 1863-1917" 2:221; (review) 3:655

Kovrig, Bennett (review) 4:862

Kramer, Mark. "The Reform of the Soviet System and the Demise of the Soviet State" 3:505

Kubik, Jan (review) 1:163

Kuchins, Andrew (review) 3:668

Lawton, Anna (review) 4:908

Lenhoff, Gail (review) 2:399

Leonard, Carol Scott (review) 3:673

Levinger, Esther (review) 1:165

Lewis, Paul (review) 1:141

Liber, George O. (review) 2:396

Lih, Lars T. (review) 2:408

Lilly, Carol S. (review) 3:631

Lukic, Renéo (review) 4:864

Mandelker, Amy (review) 2:443

March, Luke (review) 4:897

Markowitz, Fran (review) 2:428

Marples, David R. (review) 2:410

Marsh, Christopher (review) 4:852

Martin, Russell E. "Choreographing the "Tsar's Happy Occasion": Tradition, Change, and Dynastic Legitimacy in the Weddings of Tsar Mikhail Romanov" 4:794

Maxwell, William J. (review) 1:209

McFaul, Michael (review) 1:200

Merridale, Catherine (review) 3:660

Mertus, Julie A. (review) 3:636

Michaels, Paula A. (review) 3:645

Miller, Nicholas J. (review) 1:169

Minturn, Neil (review) 2:447

Morris, Marcia A. (review) 4:878

Moskoff, William (review) 3:667

Mote, Victor L. (review) 3:677

Murav, Harriet. "From Skandalon to Scandal: Ivan's Rebellion Reconsidered" 4:756

Nadler, Allan (review) 2:391

Naimark, Norman M. (review) 1:156

Nelson, Keith L. (review) 2:417

Nelson, Nancy (review) 3:665

Newlin, Thomas (review) 3:647

O'Neil, Patrick (review) 3:619

Orenstein, Mitchell (review) 4:853

Orlovsky, Daniel (obituary) 3:703

Orzoff, Andrea. "'The Literary Organ of Politics': Tomá¹ Masaryk and Political Journalism, 1925-1929" 2:275

Paert, Irina. "Regulating Old Believer Marriage: Ritual, Legality, and Conversion in Nicholas I's Russia" 3:555

Pascal, Elizabeth (review) 2:424

Perrie, Maureen (review) 2:394

Peterson, Nadya (review) 3:642

Piirainen, Timo (review) 2:430

Presto, Jenifer. "Unbearable Burdens: Aleksandr Blok and the Modernist Resistance to Progeny and Domesticity" 1:6

Prybyla, Jan S. (review) 3:678

Pyman, Avril (review) 3:682

Railing, Patricia (review) 3:688

Rampton, David (review) 2:446

Read, Christopher (review) 2:434

Redlich, Shimon (review) 1:158

Rees, E. A. (review) 1:195

Reese, Roger R. (review) 3:648

Ries, Nancy (review) 1:206

Roberts, Andrew. "The State of Socialism: A Note on Terminology" 2:349

Robson, Roy R. (review) 3:649

Rollberg, Peter (review) 4:911

Rorlich, Azade-Ayse (review) 4:885

Rosloff, Edward E. (review) 2:415

Ross, Cameron (review) 4:898

Rozenblit, Marsha L. (review) 1:154

Ruder, Cynthia A. (review) 2:445

Ruud, Charles A. (review) 2:404

Sacks, Michael Paul (review) 2:420

Samson, Jim (review) 1:153

Samuelson, Lennart (review) 3:662

Sanborn, Joshua (review) 3:638

Saunders, David (review) 4:872

Sharlet, Robert (obituary) 4:937

Shashko, Philip (obituary) 2:456

Shearer, David (review) 4:894

Shearman, Peter (review) 3:679

Shelley, Louise (review) 1:201

Shen, Raphael, S.J. (review) 1:148

Shepherd, David (review) 2:436

Shimotomai, Nubuo (review) 3:665

Shoup, Paul (review) 4:866

Showalter, D. E. (review) 1:198

Smele, Jonathan D. (review) 3:656

Smith, Alexandra (review) 2:442

Smith, David J. (review) 1:174

Smith, Douglas (review) 1:183

Smith, G. S. (review) 3:685

Smith, S. A. (review) 1:192

Solomon, Susan Gross (review) 1:189

Sperling, Valerie (review) 2:378

Steen, Anton (review) 3:669

Steeves, Paul D. (review) 2:418

Stein, Sarah Abrevaya (review) 1:172

Steinberg, Mark D. (review) 1:186

Stephan, Halina (review) 4:858

Sutcliffe, Benjamin M. (review) 3:686

Sutela, Pekka (review) 1:202

Teich, Mikulá¹ (review) 1:152

Tempest, Richard (review) 2:438

Terras, Victor (review) 3:684

Thompson, Ewa (review) 3:628

Transchel, Kate (review) 1:181

Treisman, Daniel S. (review) 3:670

Valliere, Paul (review) 1:211

van Meurs, Wim (review) 1:194

Várdy, S. B. (review) 1:161

Vecernik, Jiri (review) 2:383

Velikonja, Mitja (review) 3:634

Wachtel, Andrew (review) 4:882

Wachtel, Michael (review) 2:431

Wagner, William G. (review) 4:888

Wanner, Adrian (review) 2:437

Wanner, Catherine. "Missionaries of Faith and Culture: Evangelical Encounters in Ukraine" 4:732

Waugh, Daniel C. (review) 1:180

Weeks, Theodore R. (review) 4:876

Weitz, Eric D. (review) 1:150

Weststeijn, Willem G. (review) 2:439

Westwood, J. N. (review) 1:184

White, James D. (review) 2:406

Williams, Robert C. (review) 2:400

Wishnick, Elizabeth (review) 4:883

Wixman, Ronald (review) 4:904

Wolff, Larry. "Inventing Galicia: Messianic Josephinism and the Recasting of Partitioned Poland" 4:818

Woll, Josephine (review) 2:414

Wróbel, Piotr (review) 1:160

Zaitseva, Valentina (review) 1:207

Zuckerman, Fredric S. (review) 2:405

Zylicz, Tomasz (review) 3:623