Volume 65 Films

Hegedus, Peter, director. Inheritance: A Fisherman’s Story (David A. Kideckel) 3:563

Honkasalo, Pirjo, director. The Three Rooms of Melancholia (Clementine Fujimura) 3:564

Kovanic, Gillian Darling, director. Suspino: A Cry for Roma (Carol Silverman) 1:152

Lambert, Susan, director. Deadly Enemies (Matthew Evangelista) 4:792

Lom, Petr, director. Bride Kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan (Colette Harris) 1:153

Marlow, Emily, director. Cheated of Childhood: The International Labor Organization Tries to Rescue and Rehabilitate the Street Children of St. Petersburg (Melissa L. Caldwell) 4:793