Volume 80


Number 1, Spring 2021

CRITICAL DISCUSSION FORUM: The Sociology of Protest in Belarus-Social Dynamics, Ideological Shifts and Demand for Change

Introduction: The Sociology of Belarusian Protest

Nelly Bekus and Mischa Gabowitsch                                                                                                 1

Echo of 1989? Protest Imaginaries and Identity Dilemmas in Belarus

Nelly Bekus                                                                                                                                        4

“Tear Down These Prison Walls!” Verses of Defiance in the Belarusian Revolution

Simon Lewis                                                                                                                                       15

Belarusian Protest: Regimes of Engagement and Coordination

Mischa Gabowitsch                                                                                                                            27

How Feminist is the Belarusian Revolution? Female Agency and Participation in the 2020 Post-Election Protests

Natalia Paulovich                                                                                                                                38

Class, Agency, and Citizenship in Belarusian Protest

Elena Gapova                                                                                                                                      45

The Anatomy of Impatience: Exploring Factors behind 2020 Labor Unrest in Belarus

Volodymyr Artiukh                                                                                                                            52

The Moral Economy of the Kolkhoz Worker, Or Why the Protest Movement in Belarus Does

Not Seem to Concern the Collectivized Countryside

Ronan Hervouet                                                                                                                                  61


Calendar Reform under Peter the Great: Absolutist Prerogatives, Plural Temporalities, and

Christian Exceptionalism

Andreas Schönle                                                                                                                                 69

An Ancient in Catherinian Russia: Classical Reception, Sensibility, and Nobility in

Princess Ekaterina Urusova’s Poetry of the 1770s

Kelsey Rubin-Detlev                                                                                                                          90

“To a Dog, a Dog’s Death!”: Naive Monarchism and Regicide in Imperial Russia, 1878-1884

Daniel Beer                                                                                                                                         112     


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Number 2, Summer 2021



Joy Carew and Christina Kiaer                                                                                                           203

When Race Is a Language and Empire Is a Context

Marina Mogilner                                                                                                                                 207

A Moment of Reckoning: Transcending Bias, Engaging Race and Racial Formations

in Slavic and East European Studies

Sunnie Rucker-Chang and Chelsi West Ohueri                                                                                  216

The Invisibility of Race in Sociological Research on Contemporary Russia:

A Decolonial Intervention

Marina Yusupova                                                                                                                                224

Reading Race in Slavic Studies Scholarship through a Digital Lens

Hilah Kohen, Katherine M. H. Reischl, Andrew Janco, Susan Grunewald and

Antonina Puchkovskaia                                                                                                                      234

When Pushkin’s Blackness Was in Vogue: Rediscovering the Racialization of Russia’s

Preeminent Poet and His Descendants

Korey Garibaldi and Emily Wang                                                                                                      245

Race-ing the Russian Nineteenth Century

Edyta M. Bojanowska                                                                                                                        258

Exotic Aesthetics: Representations of Blackness in Nineteenth- Century Russian Painting

Maria Taroutina                                                                                                                                   267

A Sphinx upon the Dnieper: Black Modernism and the Yiddish Translation of Race

Eli Rosenblatt                                                                                                                                     280

Racism, the Highest Stage of Anti-Communism

Rossssen Djagalov                                                                                                                              290

A Cold War Cold Case: What Huldah Clark Can Teach Us about Teaching Soviet History

Brigid O’Keeffe                                                                                                                                 299

Rereading Russia through the Contact Zone of HBCUs

Kelly Knickckmeier Cummings and B. Amarilis Lugo de Fabritz                                                     307

The Afterlife of Soviet Russia’s “Refusal to be White”:

A Du Boisian Lens on Post-Soviet Russian-US Relations

Christy Monet                                                                                                                                     316

Subjects, Subjectivities, and Slavic Studies: A Design for Anti-Racist Pedagogy

Erin Katherine Krafft                                                                                                                       327

The Contingent Problem: A Counter-Narrative on Race and Class in the Field of Slavic Studies

Louis Howard Porter                                                                                                                          334


Kalmyk DPs and the Narration of Displacement in Post-World War II Europe

Elvira Churyumova and Edward C. Holland                                                                                       341

The Man Who Struck the Judge with a Fly Swatter: Justice and Performance in Contemporary Kazakhstan

Nari Shelekpayev                                                                                                                                363


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Number 3, Fall 2021



Authority and Power in Russia

Oleg Kharkhordin                                                                                                                               469

Response to “Authority and Power in Russia”

Anthony Kaldellis                                                                                                                               489

A Muscovite Republic?

Nancy Shields Kollmann                                                                                                                    492

The Third Rome and Russian Republicanism: A Comment on Oleg Kharkhordin

“Power and Authority in Russia”

Miguel Vatter                                                                                                                                      498


“First Love Is Exactly Like Revolution”: Intimacy as Political Allegory in

Ivan Turgenev’s Novella Spring Torrents

Alexey Vdovinand Pavel Uspenskij                                                                                                   504

Czechoslovak Tariffs in the 1920s: An Example of Historical Specificity in Economic Policy

Oldřich Krpec and Vít Hloušek                                                                                                          523

Škoda Arms Exports in the 1930s

Aleš Skřivan Jr. and Tereza Burianová                                                                                               544

Small Socialism: The Scales of Self-Management Culture in Postwar Yugoslavia

James Robertson                                                                                                                                 563

Democratic Backsliding in Poland and Hungary

Michael Bernhard                                                                                                                               585

Political Game-Changers: The Importance of Leaders for Newly Emerged Parties in Romania

Sergiu Gherghina and Marius Grad                                                                                                    608

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Number 4, Winter 2021

CRITICAL DISCUSSION FORUM: Crisis, Contingency, and the Future of REEES-

Perspectives on the Present and Future of the Field


Jason Cieply, Rossen Djagalov, Natalia Plagmann                                                                             727

Addressing Contingency in REEES Fields

Ania Aizman                                                                                                                                       731

An Unstable Bridge: A REEES Graduate Student Perspective on Contemporary Academia

Caitlin Giustiniano and Zachary Hicks                                                                                               741


Slutsk in 1920: Entangled Fighters, Locals, and Conflicts

Aleksandra Pomiecko                                                                                                                         749 

The Poetics of Shock: “The Pitiful Vice” in Khodasevich’s “Under the Ground”

Edward Waysband                                                                                                                             769

The Thaw’s Provincial Margins: Place, Community and Canon in Pages from Tarusa

Polly Jones                                                                                                                                          792

The Problems of Perestroika: The KGB and Mikhail Gorbachev’s Reforms

Simon Miles                                                                                                                                        816

Nuclear Power as Cultural Heritage in Russia

Egle Rindzevičiute                                                                                                                              839

“Cheerful Nonchalance” as an Affective Response to Precarity: Refusing Safety Measures in Eastern Siberia

Vasilina Orlova                                                                                                                                   863

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