Current Issue

Volume 75

Number 3, Spring 2016



Michael David-Fox, Special Section Guest Editor

Introduction. The People’s War: Ordinary People and Regime Strategies

in a World of Extremes

Michael David-Fox                                                                                                                 551


Rural Russia on the Edges of Authority: Bezvlastie in Wartime Riazan,

November-December 1941

Seth Bernstein                                                                                                                         560


Nationalist Utopianism, Orientalist Imagination, and Economic Exploitation:

Romanian Aims and Policies in Transnistria, 1941-1944

Vladimir Solonari                                                                                                                    583


The Ambivalent State: Determining Guilt in the Post-World War II

Soviet Union

Franziska Exeler                                                                                                                      606


Peasants into Perpetrators: The OUN-UPA and the Ethnic Cleansing of

Volhynia, 1943-1944

Jared McBride                                                                                                                        630


Stalin’s Doctrine of Price Reductions during the Second World War

and Postwar Reconstruction

Kristy Ironside                                                                                                                        655



The Silent Side of Polyphony: On the Disappearances of “Silentium!” from

the Drafts of Dostoevskii and Bakhtin

Jason Cieply                                                                                                                            678


Crimea vs. Donbass: How Putin Won Russian Nationalist

Support-and Lost it Again

Pal Kolsto                                                                                                                               702


REVIEW ESSAY                                                                                                                

Kiril Tomoff. Virtuosi Abroad: Soviet Music and Imperial Competition during the Early Cold War, 1945-1958

(Simon Morrison) 726

FEATURED REVIEWS                                                                                                    

Petre M. Petrov, Automatic for the Masses: The Death of the Author and the Birth of Socialist Realism (Eric Laursen) 730


Ida Harboe Knudsen and Martin Demant Frederiksen, eds. Ethnographies of Grey Zones in Eastern Europe:

Relations, Borders, and Invisibilities (Jeremy Morris) 732

BOOK REVIEWS                                                                                                               

Wojciech Klimczyk and Agata ¦wierzowska, eds. Music and Genocide (Philip V. Bohlman) 736


Mark R. Beissinger and Stephen Kotkin, eds. Historical Legacies of Communism and Eastern Europe (Henry Hale) 737


Michael David-Fox, Crossing Borders: Modernity, Ideology, and Culture in Russia and the Soviet Union (Mark D. Steinberg) 739


Stanislav Markus, Property, Predation, and Protection: Piranha Capitalism in Russia and Ukraine (Stephen Fortescue) 740


Roumen Daskalov and Alexander Vezenkov, eds. Entangled Histories of the Balkans, Vol. 3: Shared Pasts, Disputed Legacies
(Evguenia Davidova) 742


Christian Axboe Nielsen, Making Yugoslavs: Identity in King Aleksandar's Yugoslavia (Vesna Drapac) 743


Mat Savelli and Sarah Marks, eds. Psychiatry in Communist Europe (Maria Cristina Galmarini-Kabala) 745


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Roland Clark, Holy Legionary Youth: Fascist Activism in Interwar Romania (Marius Turda) 748


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(Stefan Rohdewald) 750


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Kinga Pozniak, Nowa Huta: Generations of Change in a Model Socialist Town (Joanna Wawrzyniak) 755


Tilmann Siebeneichner, Proletarischer Mythos und realer Sozialismus: Die Kampfgruppen der Arbeiterklasse der DDR

(Peter C. Caldwell) 756


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(R. W. Davies) 759


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Landownership in the Twentieth Century
(Andrew Cartwright) 760


Per Anders Rudling, The Rise and Fall of Belarusian Nationalism, 1906-1931 (David Brandenberger) 762


Alice Lovejoy, Army Film and the Avant Garde: Cinema and Experiment in the Czechoslovak Military (Herbert J. Eagle) 764


Halina Filipowicz, Taking Liberties: Gender, Transgressive Patriotism, and Polish Drama 1786-1989 (Allen Kuharski) 765


Ignacy Potocki, Remarks on Architecture: The Vitruvian Tradition in Enlightenment Poland, trans. and ed. Carolyn C. Guile (Iryna Vushko) 767


Lauren Lydic and Bertrand Westphal, eds., Le Silence et la parole au lendemain des guerres yougoslaves (Andrew Wachtel) 768


Amelia M. Glaser, ed. Stories of Khmelnytsky: Competing Literary Legacies of the 1648 Ukrainian Cossack Uprising

(Natalie Kononenko) 769


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(Arista Maria Cirtautas) 772


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(Anton Fedyashin) 780


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(Larissa Rudova) 797


Samantha Sherry, Discourses of Regulation and Resistance: Censoring Translation in the Stalin and Khrushchev Era Soviet Union
(Carol Any) 799


Ann Komaromi, Uncensored: Samizdat Novels and the Quest for Autonomy in Soviet Dissidence (Samantha Sherry) 800


Jennifer Utrata, Women without Men: Single Mothers and Family Change in the New Russia (Barbara Alpern Engel) 801


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Svetlana Stephenson, Gangs of Russia: From the Streets to the Corridors of Power (Louise Shelley) 804


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