Current Issue

Volume 76

Winter 2017


Sex in the City that Peter Built: The Demimonde and Sociability in Mid-Eighteenth Century

St. Petersburg

Igor Fedyukin


Probing the Heart and Mind of the Viewer: Scientific Studies of Film and Theatre Spectators

in the Soviet Union, 1917-1936

Anna Toropova


Unholy Alliances? Language Exams, Loyalty, and Identification in Interwar Romania

Gábor Egry


The Battle for Language: Opposition to Khrushchev’s Education Reform in the

Soviet Republics, 1958-59

Jeremy Smith


Between Scholarship and Dissidence: The Dissident Historical Collection Pamiat’ (1975-1982)

Barbara Martin and Anton Sveshnikov


Confessing to Leviathan: The Mass Practice of Writing Autobiographies in the USSR

Yury Zaretskiy