Current Issue

Volume 73

Number 3, Fall 2014


Julia Vaingurt, Special Section Guest Editor


Mastery and Method in Poetry: Osip Mandel’shtam’s “Conversation about Dante”

Julia Vaingurt 457


The Science of Poetry: Poetic Process as Evolution in Mandel’shtam’s “Conversation about Dante”

Alexander Spektor 471


Keeping Time: Reading and Writing in “Conversation about Dante”

Jacob Emery 494


The Borsa: The Black Market for Rock Music in Late Socialist Bulgaria

Venelin I. Ganev 514


Pressuring the Politburo: The Committee of the Bulgarian Women’s Movement and State Socialist Feminism

Kristen Ghodsee 538


Inside the Psychiatric Word: Diagnosis and Self-Definition in the Late Soviet Period

Rebecca Reich 563


“In Memory of Our Murdered (Jewish) Children”: Hearing the Holocaust in Soviet Jewish Culture

James Loeffler 585


Rejecting Angelina: Bosnian War Rape Survivors and the Ambiguities of Sex in War

Elissa Helms 612


J. Arch Getty, Practicing Stalinism: Bolsheviks, Boyars, and the Persistence of Tradition (Michael David-Fox) 635


Polly Jones, Myth, Memory, Trauma: Rethinking the Stalinist Past in the Soviet Union, 1953-1970 (Lisa Kirschenbaum) 638


Jessica Gorter, dir., 900 Days (Polina Barskova) 642


Steven Seegel, Mapping Europe’s Borderlands: Russian Cartography in the Age of Empire (John Pickles) 644


Miroslav ©edivý, Metternich, the Great Powers and the Eastern Question (Karl A. Roider) 645


Adam Ko¿uchowski, The Afterlife of Austria-Hungary: The Image of the Habsburg Monarchy in Interwar Europe (Gary B. Cohen) 646


Anya Bernstein, Religious Bodies Politic: Rituals of Sovereignty in Buryat Buddhism (Sonja Luehrmann) 648


Jörg Ganzenmüller, Russische Staatsgewalt und polnischer Adel: Elitenintegration und Staatsausbau im Westen des Zarenreiches (1772-1850) (Robert Blobaum) 649


Halik Kochanski, The Eagle Unbowed: Poland and the Poles in the Second World War (Michael Meng) 651


Jan Grabowski, Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland (Shimon Redlich) 652


John-Paul Himka and Joanna Beata Michlic, eds., Bringing the Dark Past to Light: The Reception of the Holocaust in Postcommunist Europe (David Shneer) 653


Alexander Burdumy, Sozialpolitik und Repression in der DDR: Ost-Berlin 1971-1989 (Peter C. Caldwell) 655


Margarita M. Balmaceda, The Politics of Energy Dependency: Ukraine, Belarus, and Lithuania between Domestic Oligarchs and Russian Pressure (William M. Reisinger) 656


Tamara Trojanowska, Artur P³aczkiewicz, Agnieszka Polakowska, and Olga Ponichtera, eds., New Perspectives on Polish Culture: Personal Encounters, Public Affairs (Kris van Heuckelom) 657


Reiner Stach, Kafka: The Years of Insight, trans. Shelley Frisch (Peter Zusi) 659


Krisztina Fehérváry, Politics in Color and Concrete: Socialist Materialities and the Middle Class in Hungary (Chris Hann) 661


Richard March, The Tamburitza Tradition: From the Balkans to the American Midwest (Jim Samson) 662


Vlastimir Sudar, A Portrait of the Artist as a Political Dissident: The Life and Work of Aleksandar Petroviæ (Tatjana Aleksiæ) 663


Adrian Brisku, Bittersweet Europe: Albanian and Georgian Discourses on Europe, 1878-2008 (Keith Hitchins) 665


Roumen Daskalov and Tchavdar Marinov, eds., Entangled Histories of the Balkans. Vol. 1, National Ideologies and Language Policies (Frederick Anscombe) 666


Anu Mai Koll, The Village and the Class War: Anti-kulak Campaign in Estonia (Kevin O’Connor) 668


Berna Pekesen, Nationalismus, Türkisierung und das Ende der jüdischen Gemeinden in Thrakien 1918-1942 (K. E. Fleming) 669


Tilman Plath, Zwischen Schonung und Menschenjagden: Die Arbeitseinsatzpolitik in den baltischen Generalbezirken des Reichskommissariats Ostland 1941-1944 (Kristian Gerner) 670


Elissa Bemporad, Becoming Soviet Jews: The Bolshevik Experiment in Minsk (Alice Nakhimovsky) 672


Alain Blum and Yuri Shapoval, Faux coupables: Surveillance, aveux et proces en Ukraine soviétique (1924-1934). L’exemple de M. Gru¹evskij et S. Efremov (Hiroaki Kuromiya) 673


Ray Gamache, Gareth Jones: Eyewitness to the Holdomor (Peter Gross) 674


Katherine Pickering Antonova, An Ordinary Marriage: The World of a Gentry Family in Provincial Russia (John Randolph) 676


Marie-Pierre Rey, Alexander I: The Tsar Who Defeated Napoleon, trans. Susan Emanuel (Frank Wcislo) 677


E. A. Vishlenkova, R. Kh. Galiullina, and K. A. Il’ina, Russkie professora: Universitetskaia korporativnost’ ili professional’naia solidarnost’ (Ben Eklof) 678


Brigid O’Keeffe, New Soviet Gypsies: Nationality, Performance, and Selfhood in the Early Soviet Union (David M. Crowe) 680


Anne E. Gorsuch and Diane P. Koenker, eds., The Socialist Sixties: Crossing Borders in the Second World (Deborah A. Field) 681


Eugenia Belova and Valery Lazarev, Funding Loyalty: The Economics of the Communist Party (Peter Rutland) 683


Loren Graham, Lonely Ideas: Can Russia Compete? (David A. Dyker) 684


Choi Chatterjee and Beth Holmgren, eds., Americans Experience Russia: Encountering the Enigma, 1917 to the Present (Norman E. Saul) 685


Alexandre Sumpf, De Lénine a Gagarine: Une histoire sociale de l’Union soviétique (Gábor T. Rittersporn) 686


Marie Mendras, Russian Politics: The Paradox of a Weak State (Lisa A. Baglione) 687


John MacKay, True Songs of Freedom: “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” in Russian Culture and Society (Anne Lounsbery) 689


Richard Avramenko and Lee Trepanier, eds., Dostoevsky’s Political Thought (Anna Schur) 690


Milla Fedorova, Yankees in Petrograd, Bolsheviks in New York: America and Americans in Russian Literary Perception (Margarita Marinova) 692


Julia Vaingurt, Wonderlands of the Avant-Garde: Technology and the Arts in Russia of the 1920s (Tim Harte) 693


Eric Laursen, Toxic Voices: The Villain from Early Soviet Literature to Socialist Realism (Julie A. Cassiday) 694


Alexander Ivashkin and Andrew Kirkman, eds., Contemplating Shostakovich: Life, Music and Film (Kevin Bartig) 696


Maxim D. Shrayer, I Saw It: Ilya Selvinsky and the Legacy of Bearing Witness to the Shoah (Marina Aptekman) 697


Michael O. Slobodchikoff, Strategic Cooperation: Overcoming the Barriers of Global Anarchy (Mette Skak) 699