Current Issue

Volume 77

Summer 2018


Psychiatry, Violence, and the Soviet Project of Transformation: A Micro-History of the Perm’ Psycho-Neurological School-Sanatorium

Maria Cristina Galmarini-Kabala


Regionalisms and Imperialisms in the Making of the Russian Far East, 1903-1926

Ivan Sablin and Daniel Sukhan


Riding the Soviet Iron Horse: A Reading of Viktor Turin’s Turksib

through the Lens of John Ford

Ingrid Kleespies


The Shop Window Quality of Things: 1920s Weimar Surface Culture in

Nabokov’s Korol<’>, dama, valet

Luke Parker


In Defense of Native Literature: Writers’ Associations, State and

the Cult of the Writer in pre-1945 Bulgaria

Irina Gigova


Seeing the Bigger Picture: Conspiratorial Revisions of

World War II History in Recent Russian Cinema

Boris Noordenbos