Current Issue

Volume 75

Number 2, Summer 2016


Introduction: Toward a Russian Geopoetics, or Some Ways of Relating Russia to the World

Anindita Banerjee and Jenifer Presto, Special Section Guest Editors 247


Reading Gogol’ in Azeri: Parodic Genealogies and the Revolutionary Geopoetics of 1905

Leah Feldman 256


Tashkent ’68: a Cinematic Contact Zone

Rossen Djagalov and Masha Salazkina 279


Scripted Spaces: The Geopoetics of the Newspaper from Tret’iakov to Prigov

Jacob Edmond 299


A Genealogy of Kontrol’ in Russia: From Leninist to Neoliberal Governance

Catherine Owen 331


Russia and the Vulnerability of Electoral Authoritarianism?

Graeme Gill 354


Energy as Power-Gazprom, Gas Infrastructure, and Geo-governmentality in Putin’s Russia

Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen 374


The Red Army in Yugoslavia, 1944-1945

Vojin Majstorović 396


Violence and the Production of Borders in Western Slavonia

Mila Dragojević 422


Stephen White, Richard Sakwa, and Henry E. Hale, Eds., Developments in Russian Politics 8; Samuel A. Greene, Moscow in Movement: Power and Opposition in Putin’s Russia;  Ellen Mickiewicz, No Illusions: The Voices of Russia’s Future Leaders (Sarah Henderson) 446


Katherine Verdery, Secrets and Truths: Ethnography in the Archive of Romania’s Secret Police (Dennis Deletant) 454


Paul Manning, Love Stories: Language, Private Love, and Public Romance in Georgia (Martin Demant Frederiksen) 457


Grzegorz Rossoliński-Liebe, Stepan Bandera: The Life and Afterlife of a Ukrainian Nationalist; Fascism, Genocide, and Cult (Kai Struve) 459


Yanni Kotsonis, States of Obligation: Taxes and Citizenship in the Russian Empire and Early Soviet Republic (John Randolph) 463


Lucien J. Frary and Mara Kozelsky, Eds., Russian-Ottoman Borderlands: The Eastern Question Reconsidered (Adrian Jones) 467


Markian Prokopovych, In the Public Eye: The Budapest Opera House, the Audience and the Press, 1884-1918 (Robert Nemes) 468


Aurimas Švedas, In the Captivity of the Matrix: Soviet Lithuanian Historiography, 1944-1985 (Edward Cohn) 470


Rayk Einax, Entstaliniseirung auf Weißrussisch: Krisenbewältigung, sozioökonomische Dynamik und öffentliche Mobilisierung in der Belorussischen Sowjetrepublik 1953-1965 (Per Anders Rudling) 471


Michael North, The Baltic: A History (Andrejs Plakans) 472


David Marples, “Our Glorious Past”: Lukashenka’s Belarus and the Great Patriotic War (Stephen White) 473


Norman J. W. Goda, ed., Jewish Histories of the Holocaust. New Transnational Approaches (Natalia Aleksiun) 475


Rachel Feldhay Brenner, The Ethics of Witnessing: The Holocaust in Polish Writers’ Diaries from Warsaw, 1939-1945 (Samuel Kassow) 477


Anonymous members of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police, The Clandestine History of the Kovno Jewish Ghetto Police, trans. and ed. Samual Schalkowsky (Christopher R. Browning) 478


Ulrich Schmid, ed., Schwert, Kreuz und Adler. Die Ästhetik des nationalistischen Diskurses in Polen (1926-1939)

(Christoph Augustynowicz) 480


Scott Moranda, The People’s Own Landscape: Nature, Tourism, and Dictatorship in East Germany (Molly Wilkinson Johnson) 481


Tom Junes, Student Politics in Communist Poland: Generations of Consent and Dissent (David G. Tompkins) 482


Armina Omerika, Islam in Bosnien-Herzegowina und die Netzwerke der Jungmuslime (1918-1983) (Bojan Aleksov) 484


John Paul Newman, Yugoslavia in the Shadow of War: Veterans and the Limits of State-Building, 1903 - 1945 (Rory Yeomans) 485


Thomas Ort, Art and Life in Modernist Prague : Karel Čapek and his Generation, 1911-1938 (Maria Nemcova Banerjee) 486


Thomas G. Winner, The Czech Avant-Garde Literary Movement Between the World Wars. (Peter Steiner) 488


David S. Danaher, Reading Václav Havel (Rajendra A. Chitnis) 489


Maxim Tarnawsky, The All-Encompassing Eye of Ukraine: Ivan Nechui-Levyts’kyi’s Realist Prose (Oleh S. Ilnytzkyi) 491


Joshua First, Ukrainian Cinema: Belonging and Identity during the Soviet Thaw (Bohdan Nebesio) 492


Matthew D. Pauly, Breaking the Tongue: Language, Education, and Power in Soviet Ukraine, 1923-1934 (Tom Ewing) 493


Viktor Stepanenko and Yaroslav Pylynskyi, Eds. Ukraine After the Euromaidan: Challenges and Hopes (Jessica Pisano) 495


Keith Doubt, Through the Window: Kinship and Elopement in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Rada Drezgić) 496


Azra Hromadžić, Citizens of an Empty Nation: Youth and State-Making in Postwar Bosnia-Herzegovina (Maple Rasza) 497


James Dawson, Cultures of Democracy in Serbia and Bulgaria: How Ideas Shape Publics (Venelin I. Ganev) 499


Péter Bajomi-Lázár, Party Colonization of the Media in Central and Eastern Europe (Sandra Bašić-Hrvatin) 501


Tamás Krausz, Reconstructing Lenin: An Intellectual Biography (Christopher Read) 502


Antonella Castelnuovo and Bella Kotok-Friedgut, Vygotsky & Bernstein in the Light of Jewish Tradition (Harry Daniels) 504


Elena I. Campbell, The Muslim Question and Russian Imperial Governance (Gary Hamburg) 506


Silvio Pons, The Global Revolution. A History of International Communism, 1917-1991 (Vladislav Zubok) 507


Lewis Siegelbaum and Leslie Page Moch, Broad Is My Native Land: Repertoires and Regimes of Migration in Twentieth-Century Russia

(Denis Kozlov) 508


Margaret Peacock, Innocent Weapons: The Soviet and American Politics of Childhood in the Cold War (Matthias Neumann) 510


Elena Nosenko-Shtein, Peredaite ob etom detiam vashim, a ikh deti sleduiushchemu rodu”:

Kul’turnaia pamiat’ u rossiiskikh evreev v nashi dni (Elissa Bemporad) 511


Choi Chatterjee, David L. Ransel, Mary Cavender, and Karen Petrone, eds. Everyday Life in Russia Past and Present

(Diane P. Koenker) 513


Melissa Chakar, The Socialist Way of Life in Siberia: Transformation in Buryatia (Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov) 515


Slava Gerovitch, Voices of the Soviet Space Program: Cosmonauts, Soldiers, and Engineers Who Took the USSR into Space (Michael G. Smith) 516


Olga Bakich, Valerii Pereleshin: Life of a Silkworm (Adrian Wanner) 517


Marianna Leonova, Wandel der Sinngenese in der russischen Literatur von der Romantik bis zur Postmoderne. Eine strukturelle Typologie

(Ulrich Schmid) 519


Elizabeth Cheresh Allen, ed., Before They Were Titans: Essays on the Early Works of Dostoevsky and Tolstoy (Alexander Burry) 520


Albena Lutzkanova-Vassileva, The Testimonies of Russian and American Postmodern Poetry: Reference, Trauma, and History

(Vitaly Chernetsky) 522


Frederick H. White, Degeneration, Decadence and Disease in the Russian fin de siecle: Neurasthenia in the Life and Work of

Leonid Andreev (Olga M. Cooke) 523


Victoria Somoff, The Imperative of Reliability: Russian Prose on the Eve of the Novel, 1820s-1850s (Elizabeth Cheresh Allen) 524


Il’ia Kukulin, Mashiny zashumevshego vremeni: Kak sovetskii montazh stal metodom neofitsial’noi kul’tury (Tomi Huttunen) 526


Yurii Al’bert, Moskovskii kontseptualizm: Nachalo (Mary A. Nicholas) 527


Julie Hansen and Andrei Rogachevskii, Punishment as a Crime? Perspectives on Prison Experience in Russian Culture (Leona Toker) 529


Olga Tabachnikova, Russian Irrationalism from Pushkin to Brodsky: Seven Essays in Literature and Thought (Jeff Love) 530


Elizabeth A. Skomp and Benjamin M. Sutcliffe, Ludmila Ulitskaya and the Art of Tolerance (Tatyana Novikova) 532


Stephen White and Valentina Feklyunina, Identities and Foreign Policies in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus: The Other Europes

(Tuomas Forsberg) 533


Michael O. Slobodchikoff, Building Hegemonic Order Russia’s Way: Order, Stability, and Predictability in the Post-Soviet Space

(Lisa A. Baglione) 534


Nikolay Zakharov, Race and Racism in Russia (Mikhail Suslov) 536


Vladimir Gel’man, Otar Marganiya and Dmitry Travin, Reexamining Economic and Political Reforms in Russia: 1985-2000: Generations, Ideas, and Changes; Vladimir Gel’man Authoritarian Russia: Analyzing Post-Soviet Regime Changes (Catherine Owen) 537