Current Issue

Volume 76

Fall 2017: 1917-2017, The Russian Revolution a Hundred Years Later

Anti-imperialism. The Leninist Legacy and the Fate of World Revolution

Jeremy Friedman and Peter Rutland


Violence to Velvet: Revolutions-1917 to 2017

Roger D. Markwick


Making Sense of 1917: Towards a Global History of the Russian Revolution

Matthew Rendle


The Great Socialist Experiment? The Soviet State in its International Context

David L. Hoffmann


Lenin in Barcelona: the Russian Revolution and the Spanish trienio bolchevista, 1917-1920

Arturo Zoffmann Rodriguez


Queer Harlem, Queer Tashkent: Langston Hughes’s “Boy Dancers of Uzbekistan”

Jennifer Wilson


The Russian Revolution and the Instrumentalization of Death

Svetlana Malysheva


Russian Revolutions in Print: The Fate of the Ethnic Press

Joseph Lenkart


The Legacy of 1917 in Graphic Satire

John Etty


5=100: Long Live the “Filologicheskaia Revoliutsiia”

Elena Fratto


In Pursuit of a Different Revolution:  Russian Populists of the Seventies Generation in 1917

Ben Eklof and Tatiana Saburova


Women and Gender in 1917

Rochelle Goldberg Ruthchild


Russia, 1917: Revolution as Demobilization and State Collapse

Eric Lohr and Joshua Sanborn


(Good) Land and Freedom (for Former Serfs): Determinants of Peasant Unrest in European Russia, March-October 1917

Evgeny Finkel, Scott Gehlbach, and Dmitrii Kofanov


Revolutionary Economic Reasoning in the Context of Revolution: the Origins and Fate of Bolshevik Economics

Denis Mel’nik


February 23 and March 8: Two Holidays that Upstaged the February Revolution, 1917-1923

Elizabeth A. Wood


“Do It the Russian Way”: Narratives of the Russian Revolution in European History Textbooks

Marharyta Fabrykant


The Russian Revolution as a Tourist Attraction

Diane P. Koenker