Current Issue

Volume 73

Number 4, Winter 2014


Nariman Skakov, Special Section Guest Editor

Introduction: Andrei Platonov, an Engineer of the Human Soul

Nariman Skakov 719


“The Dialectics of Nature in Kara-Kum”: Andrei Platonov’s Dzhan as the Environmental History of a Future Utopia

Mieka Erley 727


“The Mountain of the Mind”: The Politics of the Gaze in Andrei Platonov’s Dzhan

Philip Ross Bullock 751


Soul Incorporated

Nariman Skakov 772



Eric Naiman 801


The Diaristic Form and Subjectivity under Khrushchev

Anatoly Pinsky 805


Images of the Nation Foreseen: Ivan Me¹troviæ’s Vidovdan Temple and Primordial Yugoslavism

Aleksandar Ignjatoviæ 828


Stalin’s Answer to the National Question: A Case Study on the Editing of the 1938 Short Course

David Brandenberger and Mikhail V. Zelenov 859


The Witches of Wilno: Constant Litigation and Conflict Resolution

David Frick 881


David Moon, The Plough That Broke the Steppes: Agriculture and Environment on Russia's Grasslands, 1700-1914 (Willard Sunderland) 903


Gustavo Pérez, dir., They Would All Be Queens (Anne E. Gorsuch) 906


Christian Noack, Lindsay Janssen, and Vincent Comerford, eds., Holodomor and Gorta Mór: Histories, Memories and Representations of Famine in Ukraine and Ireland (Serhy Yekelchyk) 908


John Connelly, From Enemy to Brother: The Revolution in Catholic Teaching on the Jews, 1933-1965 (Doris L. Bergen) 909


Mark Kramer and Vít Smetana, eds., Imposing, Maintaining, and Tearing Open the Iron Curtain: The Cold War and East-Central Europe, 1945-1989 (Matthew Stibbe) 910


Akos Rona-Tas and Alya Guseva, Plastic Money: Constructing Markets for Credit Cards in Eight Post-Communist Countries (Daina S. Eglitis) 912


Lawrence P. Markowitz, State Erosion: Unlootable Resources and Unruly Elites in Central Asia (Roger D. Kangas) 914


Per Högselius, Red Gas: Russia and the Origins of European Energy Dependence (Veli-Pekka Tynkkynen) 915


Isa Blumi, Foundations of Modernity: Human Agency and the Imperial State (Adeeb Khalid) 916


Frederick F. Anscombe, State, Faith, and Nation in Ottoman and Post-Ottoman Lands (Isa Blumi) 918


Holm Sundhaussen, Sarajevo: Die Geschichte einer Stadt (Peter Mentzel) 919


Jana Vobecká, Demographic Avant-Garde: Jews in Bohemia between the Enlightenment and the Shoah (Alena Heitlinger) 920


Thomas Frühmesser, Hans Otto Roth: Biographie eines rumänischendeutschen Politikers (1890-1953) (Gábor Egry) 922


Björn M. Felder and Paul J. Weindling, eds., Baltic Eugenics: Bio-Politics, Race and Nation in Interwar Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, 1918-1940 (Andrejs Plakans) 923


Kenneth Morrison and Elizabeth Roberts, The Sand¾ak: A History (Marko Attila Hoare) 925


Ioannis Stefanidis, Substitute for Power: Wartime British Propaganda to the Balkans, 1939-44 (Heather Williams) 926


James Krapfl, Revolution with a Human Face: Politics, Culture, and Community in Czechoslovakia, 1989-1992 (David Doellinger) 927


David Doellinger, Turning Prayers into Protest: Religious-Based Activism and Its Challenge to State Power in Socialist Slovakia and East Germany (Barbara Thériault) 929


Miko³aj Stanis³aw Kunicki, Between the Brown and the Red: Nationalism, Catholicism, and Communism in Twentieth-Century Poland-The Politics of Boles³aw Piasecki (Konrad Sadkowski) 930


Brian Porter-Szûcs, Poland in the Modern World: Beyond Martyrdom (Theodore R. Weeks) 932


Robert G. Rawson, Bohemian Baroque: Czech Musical Culture and Style, 1600-1750 (Alfred Thomas) 933


Jim Samson, Music in the Balkans (Ljerka V. Rasmussen) 934


Magdalena Waligorska, Klezmer’s Afterlife: An Ethnography of the Jewish Music Revival in Poland and Germany (James Loeffler) 936


Jennifer A. Yoder, Crafting Democracy: Regional Politics in Post-Communist Europe (Carol Leff) 937


Faith Hillis, Children of Rus’: Right-Bank Ukraine and the Invention of a Russian Nation (Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak) 939


Mariya Lesiv, The Return of Ancestral Gods: Modern Ukrainian Paganism as an Alternative Vision for a Nation (Catherine Wanner) 940


Jeffrey Veidlinger, In the Shadow of the Shtetl: Small-Town Jewish Life in Soviet Ukraine (Gennady Estraikh) 941


Hugo Service, Germans to Poles: Communism, Nationalism and Ethnic Cleansing after the Second World War (William W. Hagen) 943


Walter K. Hanak, The Nature and the Image of Princely Power in Kievan Rus', 980-1054: A Study of Sources (Simon Franklin) 945


Valerie Kivelson, Desperate Magic: The Moral Economy of Witchcraft in Seventeenth-Century Russia (David Frick) 946


Heather D. DeHaan, Stalinist City Planning: Professionals, Performance, and Power (Paul Stronski) 947


John Strickland, The Making of Holy Russia: The Orthodox Church and Russian Nationalism before the Revolution (Paul W. Werth) 949


Stephen K. Batalden, Russian Bible Wars: Modern Scriptural Translation and Cultural Authority (Robert H. Greene) 950


Steven Grant, The Russian Nanny, Real and Imagined: History, Culture, Mythology (Marina Balina) 951


Wolf-Dietrich Gutjahr, “Revolution muss sein”: Karl Radek-Die Biographie (Jean-Francois Fayet) 953


M. V. Kovalev, Russkie istoriki-emigranty v Prage (1920-1940 gg.) (Kare Johan Mjor) 954


Denis Kozlov and Eleonory Gilburd, eds., The Thaw: Soviet Society and Culture during the 1950s and 1960s (Mark B. Smith) 955


Alfred A. Reisch, Hot Books in the Cold War: The CIA-Funded Secret Western Book Distribution Program behind the Iron Curtain (Barbara Walker) 957


Susan Grant, Physical Culture and Sport in Soviet Society: Propaganda, Acculturation, and Transformation in the 1920s and 1930s (Molly Wilkinson Johnson) 958


Anna Schur, Wages of Evil: Dostoevsky and Punishment (James P. Scanlan) 960


Elizabeth Kendall, Balanchine and the Lost Muse: Revolution and the Making of a Choreographer (Marian Smith) 961


Christina Lodder, Maria Kokkori, and Maria Mileeva, eds., Utopian Reality: Reconstructing Culture in Revolutionary Russia and Beyond (Kristin Romberg) 962


J. A. E. Curtis, The Englishman from Lebedian’: The Life of Evgeny Zamiatin (1884-1937) (Zinaida Gimpelevich) 964


Angela Brintlinger, Chapaev and His Comrades: War and the Russian Literary Hero across the Twentieth Century (Keith Livers) 965


Olga Gershenson, The Phantom Holocaust: Soviet Cinema and Jewish Catastrophe (Alexander Etkind) 967


Octavian Eºanu, Transition in Post-Soviet Art: The Collective Actions Group before and after 1989 (Amy Bryzgel) 968