Current Issue

Volume 74

Number 4, Winter 2015


Integration and Disintegration: Europe, Ukraine, and the World

Timothy Snyder 695


On Public Intellectuals and Their Conceptual Frameworks

Maria Todorova 708


Deconstructing Integration: Ukraine’s Postcolonial Subjectivity

Ilya Gerasimovand Marina Mogilner 715


Post-Maidan Europe and the New Ukrainian Studies

Andrii Portnov 723


The Postcolonial Is Not Enough

Yaroslav Hrytsak 732


Heroes, Victims, Role Models: Representing the Child Soldiers of the Warsaw Uprising

Ewa Stańczyk 738


Tandeta (Trash): Bruno Schulz and the Micropolitics of Everyday Life

George Gasyna 760


“I Know What Motivation Is”: The Politics of Emotion and Viktor Shklovskii’s Sentimental Rhetoric

Rad Borislavov 785


The Sacralization of Violence: Bolshevik Justifications for Violence and Terror during the Civil War

James Ryan 808


Where Was the Conscience of the Revolution? The Military Opposition at the Eighth Party Congress (March 1919)

Gayle Lonergan 832


Imperial Incarcerations: Ekaterina Breshko-Breshkovskaia, Vinayak Savarkar, and the Original Sins of Modernity

Choi Chatterjee 850


Michael S. Gorham, After Newspeak: Language Culture and Politics in Russia from Gorbachev to Putin

Mark Lipovetsky 873


Pierre Gonneau, Ivan le Terrible, ou le Métier de tyran (Gail Lenhoff) 881


Ryan Tucker Jones, Empire of Extinction: Russians and the North Pacific’s Strange Beasts of the Sea, 1741-1867 (Nicholas Breyfogle) 884


Daniel P. Todes, Ivan Pavlov: A Russian Life in Science (Harley Balzer) 887


Alan Barenberg, Gulag Town, Company Town: Forced Labor and Its Legacy in Vorkuta (Donald Filtzer) 891


Sergei Loznitsa, dir., Maidan (Lilya Kaganovsky) 894


Jan C. Behrends and Martin Kohlrausch, eds., Races to Modernity: Metropolitan Aspirations in Eastern Europe, 1890-1940 (Nathaniel D. Wood) 896


Leen Engelen and Kris van Heuckelom, eds., European Cinema after the Wall: Screening East-West Mobility (Catherine Portuges) 897


Madeline Reeves, Border Work: Spatial Lives of the State in Rural Central Asia (Cynthia Buckley) 899


Yuson Jung, Jakob A. Klein, and Melissa L. Caldwell, eds., Ethical Eating in the Postsocialist and Socialist World (Tanja Kamin) 901


Catherine Horel, ed., Les guerres balkaniques (1912-1913): Conflits, enjeux, mémoires (Richard C. Hall) 902


Sandra Studer, Erinnerungen an das jüdische Vilne: Literarische Bilder von Chaim Grade und Abraham Karpinovitsh (Mikhail Krutikov) 904


Andrew Wilson, Ukraine Crisis: What It Means for the West (Andreas Umland) 905


Stefan Troebst, Erinnerungskultur-Kulturgeschichte-Geschichtsregion: Ostmitteleuropa in Europa (Jan C. Behrends) 907


Nigel Swain, Green Barons, Force-of-Circumstance Entrepreneurs, Impotent Mayors: Rural Change in the Early Years of Post-Socialist Capitalist Democracy (Dietmar Müller) 908


Maria Koinova, Ethnonationalist Conflict in Post-Communist States: Varieties of Governance in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Kosovo (John Ishiyama) 910


Soeren Keil, Multinational Federalism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Francine Friedman) 911


Margit Tavits, Post-Communist Democracies and Party Organization (Maria Spirova) 912


Marija Ilić, Discourse and Ethnic Identity: The Case of the Serbs from Hungary (Tanja Petrović) 914


Marlene Spoerri, Engineering Revolution: The Paradox of Democracy Promotion in Serbia (Branislav Radeljić) 915


Michaela Schäuble, Narrating Victimhood: Gender, Religion and the Making of Place in Post-War Croatia (Catherine Baker) 916


Nicholas Sawicki, Na cestě kmodernosti: Umělecké sdruľení Osma a jeho okruh vletech 1900-1910 (Jessica E. Merrill) 918


Igor Pietraszewski, Jazz in Poland: Improvised Freedom, trans. Lucyna Stetkiewicz (David G. Tompkins) 919


Maria G. Rewakowicz, Literature, Exile, Alterity: The New York Group of Ukrainian Poets (Marko Pavlyshyn) 920


Dariusz Skórczewski, Teoria-literatura-dyskurs: Pejzaż postkolonialny (Joanna Niżyńska) 922


Giorgio Bertellini, Emir Kusturica (Andrew Horton) 923


Przemysław Czapliński, The Remnants of Modernity: Two Essays on Sarmatism and Utopia in Polish Contemporary Literature, trans. Thomas Anessi (Bożena Shallcross) 924


Sanja Bahun and John Haynes, eds., Cinema, State Socialism and Society in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, 1917-1989: Re-Visions (Dina Iordanova) 926


 Jelena Bogdanović, Lilien Filipovitch Robinson, and Igor Marjanović, eds., On the Very Edge: Modernism and Modernity in the Arts and Architecture of Interwar Serbia (1918-1941) (Brigitte Le Normand) 927


Thomas Salumets, Unforced Flourishing: Understanding Jaan Kaplinski (Märt Väljataga) 929


Stephen F. Jones, ed., The Making of Modern Georgia, 1918-2012: The First Georgian Republic and Its Successors (Jonathan Wheatley) 930


Zulfiya Tursunova, Women’s Lives and Livelihoods in Post-Soviet Uzbekistan: Ceremonies of Empowerment and Peacebuilding (Russell Zanca) 932


Jennifer Siegel, For Peace and Money: French and British Finance in the Service of Tsars and Commissars (Peter Gatrell) 934


Naomi Oreskes and John Krige, eds., Science and Technology in the Global Cold War (Andrew Jenks) 935


Michael G. Smith, Rockets and Revolution: A Cultural History of Early Spaceflight (Anindita Banerjee) 937


Alexandre Andreyev, The Myth of the Masters Revived: The Occult Lives of Nikolai and Elena Roerich (Asif Siddiqi) 938


Alexandre Sumpf, La Grande Guerre oubliée: Russie, 1914-1918 (Eric Lohr) 940


Olga Velikanova, Popular Perceptions of Soviet Politics in the 1920s: Disenchantment of the Dreamers (Sheila Fitzpatrick) 941


Julie K. deGraffenried, Sacrificing Childhood: Children and the Soviet State in the Great Patriotic War (Laurie Bernstein) 942


Sarah Davies and James Harris, Stalin’s World: Dictating the Soviet Order (Kevin McDermott) 943


Julie Draskoczy, Belomor: Criminality and Creativity in Stalin’s Gulag (Alan Barenberg) 945


Irina Paperno, “Who, What Am I?” Tolstoy Struggles to Narrate the Self (Radha Balasubramanian) 946


Friederike Kind-Kovács, Written Here, Published There: How Underground Literature Crossed the Iron Curtain (Ann Komaromi) 947


Yuri Leving, ed., Shades of Laura: Vladimir Nabokov’s Last Novel “The Original of Laura” (Lisa Ryoko Wakamiya) 948


Denise J. Youngblood, Bondarchuk’s “War and Peace”: Literary Classic to Soviet Cinematic Epic (Alexander Prokhorov) 950


James Steffen, The Cinema of Sergei Parajanov (Vance Kepley, Jr.) 952


Ekaterina Vassilieva, Das Motiv des Straflagers in der russischen Literatur der Postmoderne: Dovlatov, Sorokin, Makanin (Anne Hartmann) 953


Roland Cvetkovski and Alexis Hofmeister, eds., An Empire of Others: Creating Ethnographic Knowledge in Imperial Russia and the USSR (Nathaniel Knight) 954


Craig Campbell, Agitating Images: Photography against History in Indigenous Siberia (Sonja Luehrmann) 956


Francesca Stella, Lesbian Lives in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia: Post/Socialism and Gendered Sexualities (Laurie Essig) 957


Lara Ryazanova-Clarke, The Russian Language outside the Nation (Isabelle Kreindler) 958


Andrei P. Tsygankov, The Strong State in Russia: Development and Crisis (Richard Sakwa) 960