Current Issue

Volume 74

Number 2, Summer 2015


Andreja Vezovnik and Ljiljana ©ariæ, Special Section Guest Editors


Introduction: Constructing Balkan Identity in Recent Media Discourses

Andreja Vezovnik and Ljiljana ©ariæ 237


Balkan Immigrant Workers as Slovenian Victimized Heroes

Andreja Vezovnik 244                         


Nation, Gender, Class: Celebrity Culture and the Performance of Identity in the Balkans

Breda Luthar and Andreja Trdina 265


Serbia in the Mirror: Parodying Political and Media Discourses

Tanja Petroviæ 288


Abram Room, A Strict Young Man, and the 1936 Campaign against Formalism in Soviet Cinema

Maria Belodubrovskaya 311


Books of Laughter and Forgetting: Satire and Trauma in the Novels of Il’f and Petrov

Maya Vinokour 334


Luba Golburt, The First Epoch: The Eighteenth Century and the Russian Cultural Imagination (Marcus C. Levitt) 354


Ekaterina Pravilova, A Public Empire: Property and the Quest for the Common Good in Imperial Russia (Adele Lindenmeyr) 357


Willard Sunderland, The Baron’s Cloak: A History of the Russian Empire in War and Revolution (Mark von Hagen) 361


Oscar Sanchez-Sibony, Red Globalization: The Political Economy of the Soviet Cold War from Stalin to Khrushchev (Sari Autio-Sarasmo) 364


Stephen Amico, Roll Over Tchaikovsky! Russian Popular Music and Post-Soviet Homosexuality (Philip Ross Bullock) 366


Austin Jersild, The Sino-Soviet Alliance: An International History (Bruce A. Elleman) 370


Philipp Ther, The Dark Side of Nation-States: Ethnic Cleansing in Modern Europe, trans. Charlotte Kreutzmüller (Vladimir Solonari) 371


Karrie J. Koesel, Religion and Authoritarianism: Cooperation, Conflict, and the Consequences (Sabrina P. Ramet) 372


Michael David-Fox, Peter Holquist, and Alexander M. Martin, eds., The Holocaust in the East: Local Perpetrators and Soviet Responses (Laurie R. Cohen) 373


Angela E. Stent, The Limits of Partnership: U.S.-Russian Relations in the Twenty-First Century (Brian D. Taylor) 375


Sergey Radchenko, Unwanted Visionaries: The Soviet Failure in Asia at the End of the Cold War (Charles E. Ziegler) 376

Glenn Dynner, Yankel’s Tavern: Jews, Liquor, and Life in the Kingdom of Poland (Gershon Bacon) 378


Andrea Graziosi, Lubomyr A. Hajda, and Halyna Hryn, eds., After the Holodomor: The Enduring Impact of the Great Famine on Ukraine (Serge Cipko) 379


Joachim von Puttkamer, Stefan Sienerth, and Ulrich A. Wien, eds., Die Securitate in Siebenbürgen (Dennis Deletant) 381


Brigitte Le Normand, Designing Tito’s Capital: Urban Planning, Modernism, and Socialism in Belgrade (Annemarie Sammartino) 383


Violeta Davioliute, The Making and Breaking of Soviet Lithuania: Memory and Modernity in the Wake of War (Kevin C. O’Connor) 384


Eric Gordy, Guilt, Responsibility, and Denial: The Past at Stake in Post-Milo¹eviæ Serbia (Ivo Banac) 386


Pietro U. Dini, Prelude to Baltic Linguistics: Earliest Theories about Baltic Languages (16th Century) (Daniel Petit) 387


Jeffrey Taylor, In Search of the Budapest Secession: The Artist Proletariat and Modernism’s Rise in the Hungarian Art Market, 1800-1914 (Lee Congdon) 388


Joanna Ni¿yñska, The Kingdom of Insignificance: Miron Bia³oszewski and the Quotidian, the Queer, and the Traumatic (Micha³ Pawe³ Markowski) 389


David Williams, Writing Postcommunism: Towards a Literature of the East European Ruins (Rajendra A. Chitnis) 391


Ruxandra Trandafoiu, Diaspora Online: Identity Politics and Romanian Migrants (Peter Gross) 392


Cloé Drieu, Fictions nationales: Cinéma, empire et nation en Ouzbékistan (1919-1937) (Jeff Sahadeo) 393


Florian Mühlfried, Being a State and States of Being in Highland Georgia (Martin Demant Frederiksen) 395


Paul W. Werth, The Tsar’s Foreign Faiths: Toleration and the Fate of Religious Freedom in Imperial Russia (G. M. Hamburg) 396


Stephan Rindlisbacher, Leben für die Sache: Vera Figner, Vera Zasuliè und das radikale Milieu im späten Zarenreich (Jonathan Daly) 397


Alison Rowley, Open Letters: Russian Popular Culture and the Picture Postcard, 1880-1922 (Alice Nakhimovsky) 398


Robin Aizelwood and Ruth Coates, eds., Landmarks Revisited: The Vekhi Symposium 100 Years On (Anton Fedyashin) 400


Patrick Lally Michelson and Judith Deutsch Kornblatt, eds., Thinking Orthodox in Modern Russia: Culture, History, Context (Alexander Polunov) 401


Alice Nakhimovsky and Roberta Newman, Dear Mendl, Dear Reyzl: Yiddish Letter Manuals from Russia and America (Brian Horowitz) 403


Nikolai Krementsov, Revolutionary Experiments: The Quest for Immortality in Bolshevik Science and Fiction (Muireann Maguire) 404


Emily B. Baran, Dissent on the Margins: How Soviet Jehovah’s Witnesses Defied Communism and Lived to Preach about It (Nikolay Mitrokhin, trans. Ingrid Heidrick) 406


Alex J. Kay, Jeff Rutherford, and David Stahel, eds., Nazi Policy on the Eastern Front, 1941: Total War, Genocide, and Radicalization (Dónal O’Sullivan) 408


Laurie R. Cohen, Smolensk under the Nazis: Everyday Life in Occupied Russia (Karel C. Berkhoff) 409


Asen Kirin, Exuberance of Meaning: The Art Patronage of Catherine the Great (1762-1796), with contributions by Liana Paredes, Kristen Regina, and Scott Ruby (Rosalind P. Blakesley) 411


Yuri Lotman and Jelena Pogosjan, High Society Dinners: Dining in Tsarist Russia, trans. Marian Schwartz, ed. Darra Goldstein (Christine Ruane) 412


Marina Ritzarev, Tchaikovsky’s “Pathétique” and Russian Culture (Alexander Poznansky) 413


Irina Kantarbaeva-Bill and Daniele Beaune-Gray, eds., Figures d’exil entre Russie, Occident et Orient (Adrian Wanner) 414


Jenny Kaminer, Women with a Thirst for Destruction: The Bad Mother in Russian Culture (Laura J. Olson) 416


Leif Murawski, Kunst und mystische Erfahrung im Werk Konstantin D. Bal’monts (Avril Pyman) 417


Andrea Oppo, ed., Shapes of Apocalypse: Arts and Philosophy in Slavic Thought (George M. Young) 419


Sarah Warren, Mikhail Larionov and the Cultural Politics of Late Imperial Russia (John Milner) 420


Pamela Kachurin, Making Modernism Soviet: The Russian Avant-Garde in the Early Soviet Era, 1918-1928 (Sven Spieker) 421


Gennady Estraikh, Kerstin Hoge, and Mikhail Krutikov, eds., Uncovering the Hidden: The Works and Life of Der Nister (Leah Garrett) 423


Lilya Kaganovsky and Masha Salazkina, eds., Sound, Speech, Music in Soviet and Post-Soviet Cinema (Denise J. Youngblood) 424


Philip Cavendish, The Men with the Movie Camera: The Poetics of Visual Style in Soviet Avant-Garde Cinema of the 1920s (Tim Harte) 426


Tine Roesen and Dirk Uffelmann, eds., Vladimir Sorokin’s Languages, with Katharina Kühn (David Gillespie) 427


Carol Scott Leonard and David Pitt-Watson, Privatization and Transition in Russia in the Early 1990s (Michael Ellman) 428


Vladimir Gel’man, Iz ognia da v polymia: Rossiiskaia politika posle SSSR (Robert Orttung) 430


Mischa Gabowitsch, Putin kaputt!? Russlands neue Protestkultur (Ulrich Schmid) 431