Upcoming Issue

Forthcoming in Volume 77

Spring 2018


Introduction to “Soviet and Post-Soviet Sexualities”

Richard C. M. Mole


Between the Labor Camp and the Clinic: Tema or the Shared Forms of Late Soviet Homosexual Subjectivities     

Arthur Clech


Soviet Legal and Criminological Debates on the Decriminalization of Homosexuality (1965-75)

Rustam Alexander


“That’s Not the Only Reason We Love Him”: Tchaikovskii Reception in Post-Soviet Russia

Philip Ross Bullock


Identity, Belonging and Solidarity among Russian-speaking Queer Migrants in Berlin

Richard C. M. Mole


The Maiden and the Wolf: Law, Gender, and Sexual Violence in Imperial Russia

Katherine Pickering Antonova and Sergei Antonov


The Making of an Artist as National Hero: The Great Karl Briullov

and His Critical Fortunes

Katia Dianina


Against the Double Erasure: Georgi Markov's Contribution to the Communist Hypothesis

Nikolay Karkov


Split Memory: The Geography of Holocaust Memory and Amnesia in Belarus

Anika Walke