Volume 55 Contributors

Albrecht, Catherine (reviews) 4:896, 4:897

Al-Khathllan, Saleh M. (review) 1:199

Any, Carol (review) 3:702

Argenbright, Robert (letter) 3:720

Ascher, Abraham (review) 2:485

Aslund, Anders (review) 4:932

Augustinos Gerasimos (review) 2:480

Austensen, Roy A. (review) 2:451

Bagby, Lewis (review) 1:226

Barker, Adele (review) 1:214

Barnett, Vincent (review) 2:490

Bartlett, David L. (review) 2:447

Basil, John D. (review) 2:481

Baylis, Thomas A. (review) 2:444

Bennett, Virginia H. (review) 4:937

Bernhard, Michael (letter) 1:243

Bidlack, Richard (review) 4:927; (obituary) 3:724

Birman, M. (review) 2:459

Blackwood, William Lee (review) 4:903

Blanke, Richard (review) 2:470

Bloch, Alexia (review) 4:928

Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Martha (review) 2:507

Borrero, Mauricio (letter) 3:720

Bosley, Richard (review) 1:180

Bowlt, John E. (review) 3:707

Bowlus, Charles R. (review) 2:455

Bowman, William D. (review) 2:450

Boym, Svetlana (film review) 2:429

Brenner, Michael (review) 2:468

Brinkle, Lydle (review) 2:467

Brower, Daniel. "Russian Roads to Mecca: Religious Tolerance and Muslim Pilgrimage in the Russian Empire" 3:567

Brumfield, William Craft (featured review) 1:171

Burds, Jeffrey (review) 3:687; (obituary) 3:724

Bushkovitch, Paul (review) 4:913

Butler, Thomas (review) 3:675

Carnaghan, Ellen. "Alienation, Apathy, or Ambivalence? "Don't Knows" and Democracy in Russia" 2:325

Carver, Terrell (review) 3:709

Cassedy, Steven (review) 2:504

Cavanagh, Clare. "The Death of the Book à la russe: The Acmeists under Stalin" (comment) 1:125

Chary, Frederick B. (review) 4:907

Chase, William (obituary) 3:724

Christ, Alice T. (review) 1:219

Ciapalo, Roman T. (review) 2:476

Cienciala, Anna M. letter 1:242; (review) 2:470

Clayton, J. Douglas (review) 2:512

Clowes, Edith W. "The Limits of Discourse: Solov'ev's Language of Syzygy and the Project of Thinking Total-Unity" 3:552

Cox, John K. (review) 2:437

Crane, Keith (review) 2:446

Crayne, Janet (review) 2:462

Crowe, David M. (review) 4:893

Cunningham, Frank (review) 1:193

Curtis, James M. (review) 1:217

Dakin, Mary I. (review) 2:442

Dallin, Alexander (review) 2:495

Daniels, Robert V. (review) 4:929

Debreczeny, Paul (review) 1:224; (obituary) 3:722

Dellenbrant, Jan Ake (review) 4:907

Deme, Laszlo (review) 4:899

Dinega, Alyssa W. "Ambiguity as Agent in Pushkin's and Shakespeare's Historical Tragedies" 3:525

Dragnich, Alex N. (review) 3:677

Dunlop, John B. (review) 4:931

Durkin, Andrew R. (reviews) 1:233, 4:915

Eekman, Thomas (review) 2:508

Ellman, Michael (review) 4:895

Emerson, Caryl (review) 2:513

Engel, David (review) 4:891

Epstein, Thomas (review) 2:515

Fallenbuchl, Zbigniew M. (review) 2:449

Farrell, Dianne E. (review) 2:477

Feinberg, Lawrence (obituary) 3:722

Felkay, Andrew (review) 3:661

Fielder, Grace E. (review) 4:905

Fischer, Bernd J. (review) 3:678

Fiszman, Samuel (review) 1:240

Fitzpatrick, Sheila. "Supplicants and Citizens: Public Letter-Writing inSoviet Russia in the 1930s" 1:78; review 3:691

Friedgut, Theodore H. (review) 1:182

Friedman, Francine (review) 2:461

Frucht, Richard (review) 1:179

Fusso, Susanne (review) 3:703

Gardner, Hall (letter) 1:242

Georgeoff, John (review) 2:464

Getty, J. Arch (obituary) 3:724

Goeckel, Robert F. (review) 1:213

Goldfrank, David M. (reviews) 2:475, 2:478, 2:479, 4:910

Goldman, Wendy Z. "Industrial Politics, Peasant Rebellion, and the Death ofthe Proletarian Women's Movement in the USSR" 1:46

Goldschmidt, Paul W. (review) 2:502

Golstein, Vladimir (review) 1:235

Gorsuch, Anne E. "'A Woman Is Not a Man': The Culture of Gender andGeneration in Soviet Russia, 1921-1928" 3:636

Graziosi, Andrea (letter) 3:720

Greenleaf, Monika (review) 1:231

Hale, Lisa E. (review) 2:441

Hamburg, G. M. (review) 4:914

Hamburg, Roger (review) 1:201

Hannan, Kevin (review) 2:452

Hayashida, Ronald H. (review) 2:498

Hayden, Robert M. "Schindler's Fate: Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, andPopulation Transfers" 4:727; "Reply" 4: 767; (review) 2:443

Heim, Michael (review) 1:237

Henry, Kathryn (review) 1:234

Hickey, Michael C. "Local Government and State Authority in the Provinces:Smolensk, February-June 1917" 4:863

Hicks, Barbara (review) 2:439

Holmes, Larry E. (review) 4:925

Holquist, Peter (letter 3:719

Hudson, Hugh D., Jr. (review) 3:699

Husband, William B. (review) 3:694

Iordanova, Dina. "Conceptualizing the Balkans in Film" (review essay) 4:882; (review) 4:898

Irwin, Zachary T. (review) 2:460

Johnson, Owen V. (review) 3:701

Johnson, Paul M. (review) 1:211

Johnson, Robert E. (review) 1:186

Jolluck, Katherine R. (review) 2:473

Jones, Stephen F. (review) 1:238

Josephson, Paul R. "Atomic-Powered Communism: Nuclear Culture in the Postwar USSR" 2:297

Jürna, Irina (review) 1:197

Kahn, Andrew (review) 1:222

Kalvoda, Josef (review) 1:207

Kangas, Roger (review) 2:497

Kassow, Samuel D. (review) 4:917

Keenan, Edward L. (review) 4:908; (obituary) 3:723

Kelly, T. Mills (review) 2:454

Kenney, Padraic (review) 3:662

Khalid, Adeeb, "Tashkent 1917: Muslim Politics in Revolutionary Turkestan" 2:270

Kivelson, Valerie (review) 1:181

Klenin, Emily (review) 4:939

Klier, John D. (review) 2:466

Knight, Amy (review) 3:697

Knoll, Paul W. (review) 2:436

Knowles, F. (review) 2:523

Knox-Voina, Jane E. (film review) 2:433

Kolchevska, Natasha (review) 1:230

Kopper, John M. (review) 2:520

Kot, Joanna (featured review) 2:469

Kotkin, Stephen (review) 1:169

Kotsonis, Yanni (letter) 1:719

Kraft, Evan (review) 2:447

Kürti, László (review) 4:901

Lackey, Scott W. (review) 1:177

Lahti, Katherine (review) 3:706

Laird, Roy D. (review) 1:188

Lampe, John, Gale Stokes, and Dennison Rusinow with Julie Mostov, "Instant History: Understanding the Wars of Yugoslav Succession" (review essay) 1:136

Lantz, Kenneth (review) 2:518

Lavigne, Marie (review) 4:894

Leighton, Lauren G. (review) 4:935

Lewis, Paul G. (review) 1:209

Lilly, Carol S. "Amoral Realism or Immoral Obfuscation?" 4:749

Lindenmeyr, Adele (review) 2:489

Livezeanu, Irina (review) 3:673

Long, Christopher (review) 3:668

Louthan, Howard (review) 2:453

MacKenzie, David (reviews) 2:458, 3:693

Maggs, William Ward (review) 4:933

Magocsi, Paul Robert (review) 4:891

Malia, Martin (review) 1:204

Marker, Gary (review) 1:184

Martin, Janet (review) 1:176

Mason, David S. (review) 2:438

May, Rachel. "Superego as Literary Subtext: Story and Structure in Mikhail Zoshchenko's Before Sunrise" 1:106

McFadden, David W. (review) 2:487

McLean, Hugh (obituary) 3:722

Melancon, Michael (review) 4:919

Michelson, Paul E. (review) 3:671

Michta, Andrew A. (review) 2:439

Mickiewicz, Ellen (review) 2:500

Miller, David B. (review) 4:909

Murav, Harriet (review) 2:506

Murray, John (review) 1:195

Nadkarni, Vidya (review) 1:198

Nelson, Sonia (review) 3:663

Olson, Laura J. (review) 1:227

Owen, Thomas C. (review) 2:482

Pappas, Lee M. (review) 3:669

Patterson, Perry L. (review) 2:499

Pichugina, Valentina (review) 4:934

Plakans, Andrejs (review) 1:206

Pohl, Michaela (review) 4:941

Pollock, Sean (review) 3:682

Polmar, Norman (review) 3:695

Pomper, Philip (review) 4:918

Ponichtera, Robert (review) 1:175

Poole, Randall A. (featured reviews) 1:161, 1:165

Priestly, Tom. "Denial of Ethnic Identity: The Political Manipulation of Beliefs about Language in Slovene Minority Areas of Austria and Hungary" 2:364

Procko, Bohdan P. (review) 2:494

Pryde, Philip R. (review) 1:190

Raack, R. C. (review) 2:493

Raleigh, Donald (obituary) 3:724

Reese, Roger R. "Red Army Opposition to Forced Collectivization, 1929-1930: The Army Wavers" 1:24

Reinfeld, Barbara K. (review) 3:667

Reinhartz, Dennis (review) 1:174

Richardson, William (review) 3:690

Richmond, Nathaniel (review) 1:208

Rifkin, Benjamin (review) 4:940

Rimmel, Lesley A. (review) 2:491

Robin, Richard M. (review) 2:522

Rosenberg, William G. "Representing Workers and the Liberal Narrative of Modernity" 2:245

Rosenshield, Gary. "The Bronze Horseman and The Double: The Depoetization of the Myth of Petersburg in the Young Dostoevskii" 2:399; (review) 2:510

Rosenstreich, Susan L. (review) 3:665

Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer (review) 2:505

Roslof, Edward E. "The Heresy of 'Bolshevik' Christianity: Orthodox Rejection of Religious Reform during NEP" 3:614

Rossman, Jeffrey J. (letter) 3:719

Rossos, Andrew (review) 4:904

Rusinow, Dennison, Gale Stokes, and John Lampe with Julie Mostov, "Instant History: Understanding the Wars of Yugoslav Succession" (review essay) 1:136

Rzhevsky, Nicholas (review) 1:192

Sakwa, Richard (review) 2:474

Sandler, Stephanie (review) 2:516

Saul, Norman E. (review) 2:488

Scanlan, James P. (obituary) 4:956

Schmidt, Albert J. (review) 2:503

Sedlar, Jean W. (review) 3:666

Seifrid, Thomas (review) 1:228

Shelley, Louise (review) 1:196

Shen, Raphael (review) 3:681

Shevzov, Vera. "Chapels and the Ecclesial World of Prerevolutionary Russian Peasants" 3:585

Slezkine, Yuri. "N. Ia. Marr and the National Origins of Soviet Ethnogenetics" 4:826

Slider, Darrell (review) 1:191

Smith, Michael G. (reviews) 1:185, 3:698

Snow, George E. (review) 2:496

Stambrook, Fred (review) 3:680

Stefancic, David (review) 4:902

Steinberg, Mark D. (review) 3:686

Stokes, Gale, John Lampe, and Dennison Rusinow with Julie Mostov, "Instant History: Understanding the Wars of Yugoslav Succession" (review essay) 1:136

Stolz, Benjamin A. (review) 2:456

Sunderland, Willard. "Russians into Iakuts? 'Going Native' and Problems of Russian National Identity in the Siberian North, 1870s-1914" 4:806

Suny, Ronald Grigor (review) 3:676

Suster, Zeljan E. (review) 3:670

Taylor, Jackson, Jr. (review) 3:684

Terras, Victor (reviews) 1:215, 2:519

Ther, Philipp. "The Integration of Expellees in Germany and Poland after World War II: A Historical Reassessment" 4:779

Thompson, Diane Oenning (review) 1:220

Toops, Gary H. (review) 4:938

Uldricks, Teddy J. (review) 4:924

Urban, Michael (review) 4:930

Viola, Lynne (reviews) 1:187, 4:926

Vitas, Robert A. (review) 1:205

Wade, Rex A. (review) 2:486

Wallace, Paul. "The Costs of Partition in Europe: A South Asian Perspective" 4:762

Ward, Chris (review) 4:921

Ward, James J. (review) 2:464

Webber, Steve (review) 3:697

Weickhardt, George G. "Legal Rights of Women in Russia, 1100-1750" 1:1

Weinberg, Robert (review) 2:483

Weisensel, Peter (review) 4:912

Weitz, Eric D. (review) 4:922

Widdis, Emma (film review) 2:430

Williams, Kieran (letter) 1:243

Wolff, David (review) 1:210

Woll, Josephine (review) 3:705

Woodward, Susan L. "Genocide or Partition: Two Faces of the Same Coin?" 4:755

Worobec, Christine D. (review) 3:685

Wortman, Richard (featured review) 1:167

Yampolsky, Mikhail (review) 1:223

Zygmont, Zenon (review) 1:189