Volume 59 Contributors

Adam, Jan (review) 2:442

Adams, Bruce F. (review) 3:670

Aôgh, Attila (review) 1:186

Alexander, John T. (review) 1:216

Anderson, Richard D. (review) 2:472

Andrew, Joe (review) 3:697

Ashwin, Sarah (review) 4:925

Austin, Paul M. (review) 3:679

Baaklini, Abdo I. (review) 4:928

Bagby, Lewis (review) 1:244

Baran, Alexander (review) 2:449

Baron, Samuel H. (review) 4:918

Barratt, Andrew (review) 4:931

Barylski, Robert V. (review) 3:693

Bassin, Mark (review) 3:675

Bater, James H. (film review) 4:876

Baumann, Robert F. (review) 4:915

Baylis, Thomas A. (review) 3:641

Beaujour, Elizabeth Klosty (review) 2:479

Becker, Seymour (review) 1:210

Bennett, Andrew (review) 4:926

Benson, Timothy O. (review) 1:193

Bentley, Raymond (review) 3:649

Blank, Stephen (review) 2:434

Blanke, Richard (review) 4:895

Blobaum, Robert E. "To Market! To Market! The Polish Peasantry in the Era of the Stolypin Reforms" 2:406

Bluth, Christoph (review) 3:690

Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Martha (review) 4:899

Bortnes, Jostein (review) 4:937

Brabant, Jozef M. van (review) 1:207

Brandist, Craig (review) 3:702

Brumfield, William C. (reviews) 2:475, 3:694

Bryson, Phillip J. (review) 1:191

Cavanagh, Clare. "Lyrical Ethics: The Poetry of Adam Zagajewski" 1:1

Chances, Ellen (review) 2:483

Chirot, Daniel (review) 2:432

Cienciala, Anna M. (review) 3:644

Clayton, J. Douglas (review) 2:459

Clements, Barbara Evans (review) 2:465; (film review) 4:877

Clowes, Edith W. (review) 1:223

Congdon, Lee (review) 3:646

Corney, Frederick C. (review) 4:899

Cox, Terry (review) 4:883

Crago, Laura A. "The 'Polishness' of Production: Factory Politics and the Reinvention of Working-Class National and Political Identities in Russian Poland's Textile Industry, 1880-1910" 1:16

Crampton, Richard (review) 3:653

Cravens, Craig. "The Strange Relationship of Stavrogin and Stepan Trofimovich as Told by Anton Lavrent'evich G-v" 4:782

Crisp, Olga (review) 4:906

Crone, Anna Lisa (review) 3:695

Crowley, Stephen (review) 2:436

Dallin, Alexander (reviews) 1:228, 4:882

Danforth, Loring M. (review) 3:654

Daniels, Robert V. (review) 3:705

D'Anieri, Paul J. (review) 3:657

David-Fox, Katherine. "Prague-Vienna, Prague-Berlin: The Hidden Geography of Czech Modernism" 4:735

David-Fox, Michael (review) 3:699

Davidson, Pamela (review) 2:474

Debreczeny, Paul (review) 1:253

de Sherbinin, Julie W. (review) 2:478

Dinega, Alyssa W. "Sexual Transcendence in Tsvetaeva's Poems to Pasternak" 3:547

Dittmer, Lowell (review) 3:687

Douglas, Charlotte (review) 3:710

Downing, John D. H. (review) 4:923

Dukes, Paul (reviews) 2:453, 3:662

Dunlop, John B. (review) 4:929

Ehre, Milton (review) 3:698

Eley, Geoff (review) 3:683

Elleman, Bruce A. (review) 1:230

Ellison, Herbert J. (obituary) 2:496

Ellman, Michael (review) 3:685

Emmert, Thomas A. (review) 2:444

Engel, Barbara Alpern (review) 4:916

Engelstein, Laura (review) 1:217

Erlich, Victor (obituary) 3:732

Evangelista, Matthew (review) 1:235

Evans-Romaine, Karen (review) 2:482

Fanning, David (film review) 2:429

Featherstone, Kevin (review) 2:448

Felak, James (review) 1:183

Felkay, Andrew (review) 1:187

Forsyth, James (review) 3:660

Freedman, Robert O. (review) 2:470

Freeze, Gregory L. (review) 4:908

Freidenreich, Harriet Pass (review) 1:204

Friedman, Francine (review) 4:897

Gagnon, V. P., Jr. (review) 4:897

Gammer, Moshe (review) 1:215

Gasperetti, David (review) 1:240

Getty, J. Arch (review) 4:914

Gill, Graeme (review) 1:231

Gleason, Abbott (review) 1:212

Goldman, Minton F. (review) 4:885

Golstein, Vladimir (review) 4:935

Gordy, Eric D. (review) 3:652

Gorham, Michael S. "Mastering the Perverse: State-Building and Language 'Purification' in Early Soviet Russia" 1:133

Goulding, Daniel J. (review) 1:205

Gow, James (review) 1:206

Grant, Bruce (review) 4:922

Greenberg, Robert D. "Language Politics in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia: The Crisis over the Future of Serbian" 3:625

Greenfield, Liah (review) 3:642

Gregory, Paul R. (review) 3:672

Grossman, Joan Delaney (review) 1:242

Haas, David (review) 3:708

Haghayeghi, Mehrdad (review) 3:659

Haimson, Leopold H. "'The Problem of Political and Social Stability in Urban Russia on the Eve of War and Revolution' Revisited" 4:848

Halpern, Joel (review) 1:203

Hamburg, G. M. (review) 1:221

Hamm, Michael F. (review) 2:457

Hann, Chris (review) 2:450

Hemenway, Elizabeth Jones (review) 3:669

Herspring, Dale R. (review) 3:689

Higley, John (review) 4:890

Hoedl, Klaus (review) 3:648

Hoffmann, David L. (review) 4:910

Holloway, David (review) 2:468

Holmes, Larry E. (review) 4:911

Horowitz, Brian (review) 3:701

Hunya, Gábor (review) 4:888

Husband, William B. (review) 1:226

Huskey, Eugene (review) 1:233

Ioffe, Grigory (review) 1:234

Ivanits, Linda (review) 4:934

Jancar-Webster, Barbara (review) 1:189

Johanson, Christine (review) 1:211

Johnson, R. E. (review) 4:880

Jones, Stephen F. "Democracy from Below? Interest Groups in Georgian Society" 1:42

Jonson, Lena (review) 1:238

Joravsky, David (review) 1:252

Judge, Edward H. (review) 1:219

Judson, Pieter M. (review) 4:891

Kearney, Leslie (review) 4:945

Kenney, Padraic (review) 1:198

Khalid, Adeeb (review) 4:904

Kideckel, David A. (review) 2:443

Kirschbaum, Stanislav J. (review) 1:196

Kirschenbaum, Lisa A. "'Our City, Our Hearths, Our Families': Local Loyalties and Private Life in Soviet World War II Propaganda" 4:825

Kivelson, Valerie (review) 1:200

Klassen, John (review) 4:892

Knight, Nathaniel. "Grigor'ev in Orenburg, 1851-1862: Russian Orientalism in the Service of Empire?" 1:74

Kreindler, Isabelle (review) 2:462

Lary, Nikita (review) 3:706

Lenhoff, Gail, and Janet Martin. "Marfa Boretskaia, Posadnitsa of Novgorod: A Reconsideration of Her Legend and Her Life" 2:343

Lerman, Zvi (review) 4:889

Levin, Eve (review) 4:930

Lewis, Paul G. (review) 3:643

Liebich, André (review) 4:913

Lih, Lars T. (review) 3:704; (film review) 4:877

Livers, Keith. "Scatology and Eschatology: The Recovery of the Flesh in Andrei Platonov's Happy Moscow" 1:154

Lovell, Stephen (review) 2:480

Lukes, Igor (review) 4:881

Maguire, Henry (review) 2:447

Maguire, Robert A. (review) 2:481

Malia, Martin (review) 2:455

Manchester, Laurie (review) 3:663

Manning, Nick (review) 2:437

Manouelian, Edward. "Invented Traditions: Primitivist Narrative and Design in the Polish Fin de Siècle" 2:391

Marker, Gary. "The Enlightenment of Anna Labzina: Gender, Faith, and Public Life in Catherinian and Alexandrian Russia" 2:369

Marks, Steven G. (review) 3:674

Martin, Alexander M. (review) 2:454

Martin, Janet, and Gail Lenhoff. "Marfa Boretskaia, Posadnitsa of Novgorod: A Reconsideration of Her Legend and Her Life" 2:343

May, Rachel (review) 4:941

McCaffray, Susan P. "What Should Russia Be? Patriotism and Political Economy in the Thought of N. S. Mordvinov" 3:572

McClelland, James C. (review) 3:676

McFalls, Laurence (review) 1:194

McKay, John P. (review) 3:664

McNair, Brian (review) 3:686

Melvin, Neil (review) 4:879

Mendelsohn, Ezra (review) 2:439

Merrill, Jason (review) 1:248

Moghadam, Valentine M. (review) 1:185

Mote, Victor L. (review) 4:921

Naimark, Norman M. (review) 3:656

Nelson, Amy. "The Struggle for Proletarian Music: RAPM and the Cultural Revolution" 1:101

Nepomnyashchy, Catharine Theimer (review) 1:243

Nichols, Robert L. (review) 3:677

O'Bell, Leslie (review) 4:932

Okenfuss, Max J. (review) 3:667

O'Neil, Patrick H. (review) 3:651

Ost, David (review) 4:886

Pallot, Judith (review) 2:458

Parrott, Bruce (review) 1:237

Pichova, Hana (review) 4:943

Pirog, Gerald (review) 1:247

Polonsky, Antony (review) 1:197

Powaski, Ronald E. (review) 2:467

Prizel, Ilya (review) 3:658

Pryor, Frederic L. (review) 1:192

Pyman, Avril (review) 4:939

Racioppi, Linda (review) 4:930

Rady, Martyn (review) 4:896

Ragsdale, Hugh (review) 2:466

Rainow, Peter (review) 4:901

Raleigh, Donald J. (review) 3:678

Rampton, David (review) 3:707

Rancour-Laferriere, Daniel (review) 1:246

Rassweiler, Anne (review) 3:682

Reese, Roger (review) 1:227

Remington, Thomas F. "The Evolution of Executive-Legislative Relations in Russia since 1993" 3:499

Robbins, Richard G., Jr. (review) 2:456

Rosenberg, William G. (film review) 2:428

Rosenfeld, Alla (review) 3:647

Rowland, Richard H. (review) 2:473

Ruane, Christine (review) 4:912

Rusinow, Dennison (film review) 2:427

Ruud, Charles A. (review) 1:247

Sacks, Michael Paul (reviews) 2:433, 3:684

Safran, Gabriella. "Dancing with Death and Salvaging Jewish Culture in Austeria and The Dybbuk" 4:761

Sakmyster, Thomas (review) 1:201

Sanborn, Josh. "The Mobilization of 1914 and the Question of the Russian Nation: A Reexamination 2:267; "More Than Imagined: A Few Notes on Modern Identities" 2:330

Scanlan, James P. (review) 2:461

Schnytzer, Adi (review) 2:446

Schuler, Catherine A. (review) 1:222

Schweller, Randall L. (review) 1:188

Sedaitis, Judith (review) 3:691

Seregny, Scott J. "Zemstvos, Peasants, and Citizenship: The Russian Adult Education Movement and World War I" 2:290; "Peasants, Nation, and Local Government in Wartime Russia" 2:336

Shearer, David (review) 2:463

Shen, Raphael (review) 1:208

Shlapentokh, Vladimir (review) 4:924

Shneidman, N. N. (review) 4:942

Skak, Mette (review) 1:209

Skilling, H. Gordon (review) 1:195

Smith, Gordon B. (review) 1:232

Smith, Michael G. (review) 4:920

Smith, S. A. "Citizenship and the Russian Nation during World War I: A Comment" 2:316

Solchanyk, Roman (review) 2:451

Steinberg, John W. (review) 2:460

Steinherr, Alfred (review) 3:645

Stephan, John J. (review) 4:907

Stevens, Carol B. (review) 2:452

Stoecker, Sally W. (review) 4:917

Sunderland, Willard (review) 3:668

Sylvester, Roshanna P. "Making an Appearance: Urban 'Types' and the Creation of Respectability in Odessa's Popular Press, 1912-1914" 4:802

Thurston, Gary (review) 2:431

Thurston, Robert (review) 1:229

Tirado, Isabel A. (review) 3:680

Todd, William Mills, III (obituary) 4:969

Toker, Leona (review) 1:241

Tokés, Rudolf (review) 2:441

Tolz, Vera (review) 2:469

Tucker, Janet (review) 3:703

Velychenko, Stephen (review) 1:214

von Hagen, Mark (obituary) 4:968

Vroon, Ronald (review) 1:250; "Aleksandr Sumarokov's Elegii liubovnye and the Development of Verse Narrative in the Eighteenth Century: Toward a History of the Russian Lyric Sequence" 3:521

Wagner, William G. (review) 1:219

Waldron, Peter (review) 3:671

Weeks, Theodore R. (review) 3:662

Weiner, Adam (review) 4:944

Weitz, Eric D. (review) 1:224

Werth, Paul (review) 4:903

White, Stephen (review) 1:184

Williams, Robert C. (review) 1:239

Wirtschafter, Elise Kimerling (review) 4:902

Woll, Josephine (review) 1:251

Yekelchyk, Serhy, "Diktat and Dialogue in Stalinist Culture: Staging Patriotic Historical Opera in Soviet Ukraine, 1936-1954" 3:597

Zacek, Joseph Frederick (review) 4:893

Zimmerman, Judith (review) 3:666