Volume 65 Contributors

Alexopoulos, Golfo (review) 1:189

Alexseev, Mikhail A. (review) 4:840

Andrew, Joe (review) 1:211

Appel, Hilary (review) 2:393

Aslund, Anders (review) 4:819

Atkin, Muriel (review) 3:595

Avrutin, Eugene M. “Returning to Judaism after the 1905 Law on Religious Freedom in Tsarist Russia” 1:90

Baglione, Lisa A. (review) 2:399

Bain, Olga (review) 2:401

Ballinger, Pamela (review) 1:155

Baron, Samuel H. (review) 3:599

Barskova, Polina. “Piranesi in Petrograd: Sources, Strategies, and Dilemmas in Modernist Depictions of the Ruins (1918-1921)” 4:694

Beaudoin, Luc (review) 3:624

Beissinger, Mark. “Soviet Empire as ‘Family Resemblance’” 2:294

Beliaev, Edward (review) 3:621

Beller, Steven (review) 1:173

Berend, Ivan T. (review) 2:359

Bernard-Donals, Michael (review) 1:216

Bernstein, Laurie (review) 3:600

Beyer, Thomas R., Jr. (review) 3:628

Bieber, Florian (review) 4:817

Blanke, Richard (review) 1:166

Blitstein, Peter A. (review) 1:190; “Cultural Diversity and the Interwar Conjuncture: Soviet Nationality Policy in Its Comparative Context” 2:273

Bogatyrev, Sergei (review) 4:821

Boobbyer, Philip (review) 3:606

Borhi, László (review) 4:812

Braden, Kathleen E. (review) 2:381

Brewin, Christopher (review) 3:568

Brower, Daniel (review) 2:379

Bryant, Chad (review) 2:357

Burbank, Jane (review) 2:373

Caldwell, Melissa L. (review) 4:793

Cassedy, Steven (review) 2:407

Castle, Marjorie (review) 2:350

Chase, William J. (review) 2:386

Chatterjee, Choi (review) 2:389

Chitnis, Rajendra A. (review) 1:161

Clark, William A. (review) 1:199

Clemens, Walter C., Jr. (review) 1:170

Clowes, Edith W. (review) 2:409

Congdon, Lee (review) 1:170

Connor, Walter D. (review) 1:204

Cornell, Svante (review) 3:619

Cornis-Pope, Marcel (review) 3:582

Crowe, David M. (review) 1:171

Dale, Gareth (review) 3:573

Dangerfield, Martin (review) 4:801

D’Anieri, Paul (review) 2:366

Desser, David (review) 1:175

Devlin, Judith (review) 2:396

Drozd, Andrew M. (review) 1:160

Dunn, Elizabeth (review) 3:566

Dunning, Chester (review) 3:597

Edele, Mark. “Soviet Veterans as an Entitlement Group, 1945-1955” 1:111

Edgar, Adrienne. “Bolshevism, Patriarchy, and the Nation: The Soviet ‘Emancipation’ of Muslim Women in Pan-Islamic Perspective” 2:252

Engel, David (review) 1:176

Engerman, David C. (review) 1:194

Evangelista, Matthew (review) 4:792

Ezergailis, Andrew (review) 1:177

Filtzer, Donald (review) 3:609

Forsyth, James (review) 1:178

Fortescue, Stephen (review) 1:191

Fowkes, Ben (review) 3:617

Frazier, Melissa (review) 4:851

Fujimura, Clementine (review) 3:564

Fulbrook, Mary (review) 2:356

Fusso, Susanne (review) 1:210

Galeotti, Mark (review) 1:201

Garcelon, Marc (review) 3:592

Gardner, Hall (review) 1:203

Getty, J. Arch (review) 4:834

Gilligan, Emma (review) 4:836

Gleason, Abbott (review) 3:607Goldman, Wendy Z. (review) 3:605

Golburt, Luba. “Derzhavin’s Ruins and the Birth of Historical Elegy” 4:670

Grant, Bruce (review) 4:846

Greenberg, Robert D. (review) 3:584

Guesnet, François (review) 3:576

Hammarberg, Gitta (review) 4:849

Harasymiw, Bohdan (review) 1:197

Harris, Colette (review) 1:153

Harris, Jonathan (review) 1:198

Hasegawa, Tsuyoshi (review) 4:824

Haslam, Jonathan (review) 3:611

Hedlund, Stefan (review) 2:391

Hellebust, Rolf (review) 3:632

Herd, Graeme P. (review) 2:390

Herold, Kelly (review) 1:181

Hiden, John (review) 3:589

Hoffmann, David L. (review) 2:383

Hoffmann, Erik P. “Modernity, Modernization, and Management: Comparative, Historical, Theoretical, and Policy Perspectives” 1:138

Hollander, Paul (review) 3:612

Howell, Yvonne. “Eugenics, Rejuvenation, and Bulgakov’s Journey into the Heart of Dogness” 3:544

Hozic, Aida A. (review) 4:818

Hunter, Shireen T. (review) 2:367

Ilic, Melanie (review) 4:831

Ivanits, Linda (review) 1:220

Jaroszyñska-Kirchmann, Anna D. (review) 1:158

Jolluck, Katherine R. (review) 1:167

Jordan, Peter (review) 1:206

Kaufer, Marion (review) 3:625

Kellogg, Frederick (review) 2:361

Kenez, Peter (review) 3:610

Kepley, Vance, Jr. (review) 2:413

Kerans, David (review) 3:616

Kessler, Gijs (review) 4:800

Khalid, Adeeb. “Backwardness and the Quest for Civilization: Early Soviet Central Asia in Comparative Perspective” 2:231; (review) 3:596

Kideckel, David A. (review) 3:563

Kirschenbaum, Lisa A. (review) 1:187

Kitschelt, Herbert (review) 4:797

Kivinen, Markku (review) 2:403

Knapp, Liza (review) 4:852

Kochanowicz, Jacek (review) 4:806

Kolsto, Pal. “The Demonized Double: The Image of Lev Tolstoi in Russian Orthodox Polemics” 2:304; (review) 4:796

Kopper, John (review) 2:408

Kostovicova, Denisa (review) 4:816

Kulczycki, John J. (obituary) 4:894

Kupferberg, Feiwel (review) 2:349

Lahusen, Thomas. “Decay or Endurance? The Ruins of Socialism” 4:736

Lane, David (review) 3:613

Lane, Thomas (review) 3:590

Lary, N. M. (review) 1:208

Laursen, Eric. “‘A New Enigmatic Language’: The Spontaneity-Consciousness Paradigm and the Case of Gladkov’s Cement” 1:66

Layton, Susan (review) 4:848

LeDonne, John (review) 1:183; 2:371

Leigh, Jeffrey T. (review) 4:803

Lerman, Zvi (review) 4:843

Leving, Yuri (review) 4:855

Linden, Ronald H. (review) 3:593

Livers, Keith (review) 1:215

Lockwood, David (review) 3:620

Lukic, Renéo (review) 3:587

Lunde, Ingunn (review) 2:405

Lynch, Allen C. (review) 1:196

MacFadyen, David (review) 1:209

Maggs, Peter B. (review) 3:614

Marker, Gary (review) 4:822

Markowitz, Fran (review) 4:847

Mawdsley, Evan (review) 4:799

McAuley, Mary (review) 4:842

McCaffray, Susan P. (review) 4:823

McMeekin, Sean (review) 2:385

Meir, Natan M. “Jews, Ukrainians, and Russians in Kiev: Intergroup Relations in Late Imperial Associational Life” 3:475

Melancon, Michael (review) 2:377

Mendelsohn, Ezra (review) 4:810

Merl, Stephan (review) 4:828

Mertelsmann, Olaf (review) 2:365

Mertus, Julie (review) 3:585

Mesbahi, Mohiaddin (review) 1:179

Mickiewicz, Ellen. “The Election News Story on Russian Television: A World Apart from Viewers” 1:1

Mihailovic, Alexandar (review) 1:217

Millard, Frances (review) 3:577

Miller, Michael L. “The Rise and Fall of Archbishop Kohn: Czechs, Germans, and Jews in Turn-of-the-Century Moravia” 3:446

Miller, Robin Feuer (review) 3:626

Milner, John (review) 3:629

Minturn, Neil (review) 4:859

Morrison, Simon (review) 4:858

Naimark, Norman M. (obituary) 2:425

Nakamura, Kennosuke (review) 1:212

Nathans, Benjamin (review) 2:397

Nelson, Amy (review) 1:221

Nelson, Robert L. (review) 1:162; (review) 4:813

Neuburger, Mary. “To Chicago and Back: Aleko Konstantinov, Rose Oil, and the Smell of Modernity” 3:427

Okey, Robin (review) 3:579

Olcott, Martha Brill (review) 4:857

O’Meara, Patrick (review) 1:182

Orttung, Robert (review) 4:839

Pantev, Plamen (review) 3:581

Patterson, Patrick Hyder (review) 4:815

Pavkoviæ, Aleksandar (review) 1:172

Peace, Richard (review) 4:854

Pervukhina-Kamyshnikova, Natalia (review) 2:370

Petersen, Heidemarie (review) 4:808

Pienkos, Donald (review) 1:168

Pilch, Janice T. “U.S. Copyright Relations with Central, East European, and Eurasian Nations in Historical Perspective” 2:325

Pittaway, Mark (review) 3:580

Polian, Pavel (review) 1:205

Pomfret, Richard (review) 3:622

Porter, Brian (review) 4:805

Press, Stephen D. (review) 3:633

Pyman, Avril (review) 4:853

Ragsdale, Hugh (review) 2:387

Rainer, Ulrike (review) 3:571

Raleigh, Donald J. (review) 2:378

Ra¹ka, Francis D. (review) 3:569

Read, Christopher (review) 3:604

Redlich, Shimon (review) 4:811

Reese, Roger R. (review) 1:195

Rittersporn, Gábor T. (review) 4:832

Robinson, Neil (review) 1:157

Robson, Roy R. (review) 3:601

Rona-Tas, Akos (review) 2:352

Roper, Steven D. (review) 3:583

Rorlich, Azade-Ayse (review) 4:837

Rosefielde, Steven (review) 2:395

Rosenthal, Bernice Glatzer (review) 1:213

Ruane, Christine (review) 1:186

Rubins, Maria (review) 3:603

Rutland, Peter (review) 2:400

Sakwa, Richard (review) 4:820

Salmond, Wendy (review) 2:406

Salys, Rimgaila (review) 2:412

Schneer, David (review) 4:809

Schönle, Andreas. “Ruins and History: Observations on Russian Approaches to Destruction and Decay” 4:649

Schrand, Thomas G. (review) 2:384

Sedlar, Jean W. (review) 4:795

Seifrid, Thomas (review) 3:631

Shelley, Louise (review) 1:202

Shelton, Anita (review) 1:165

Shevzov, Vera (review) 3:627

Sidorov, Dmitrii (review) 2:404

Silverman, Carol (review) 1:152

Simmons, Cynthia (review) 2:411

Sinkoff, Nancy (review) 2:362

Siry, Joseph (review) 1:210

Sk±pska, Gra¿yna (review) 2:394

Smith, Alison K. “Eating Out in Imperial Russia: Class, Nationality, and Dining before the Great Reforms” 4:747

Sobol, Valeria. “Febris Erotica: Aleksandr Herzen’s Post-Romantic Physiology” 3:502

Sperling, Valerie (review) 4:844

Spero, Joshua B. (review) 3:567

Starks, Tricia (review) 3:594

Stewart, Michael (review) 3:572

Stockdale, Melissa K. (review) 4:826

Stokes, Martin (review) 4:807

Stroud, Gregory. “The Past in Common: Modern Ruins as a Shared Urban Experience of Revolution-Era Moscow and Petersburg” 4:712

Swartz, Anne (review) 2:363

Taubman, Jane A. (review) 2:414

Thaler, Peter (review) 2:360

Thurston, Robert W. (review) 4:827

Tucker, Aviezer (review) 3:575

Uldricks, Teddy J. (review) 1:193

Ulram, Peter A. (review) 2:351

Valkenier, Elizabeth Kridl (review) 3:602

Varga-Harris, Christine (review) 4:835

Vassena, Raffaella. “The Jewish Question in the Genre System of Dostoevskii’s Diary of a Writer and the Problem of the Authorial Image” 1:45

Veidlinger, Jeffrey (review) 2:382

Vinitsky, Ilya. “Where Bobok Is Buried: The Theosophical Roots of Dostoevskii’s ‘Fantastic Realism’” 3:523

von Hagen, Mark (review) 1:156

Votruba, Martin. “Hang Him High: The Elevation of Jáno¹ík to an Ethnic Icon” 1:24

Wagener, Hans-Jürgen (review) 3:615

Weeks, Theodore R. (review) 4:833

Weiler, Jonathan (review) 2:353

Weiner, Amir (review) 3:588

Weisensel, Peter (review) 2:354

West, James L. (review) 2:376

Williams, Robert C. (review) 1:188

Woll, Josephine (review) 1:218

Wynn, Charters (review) 4:830

Yankovskaya, Galina. “The Economic Dimensions of Art in the Stalinist Era: Artists’ Cooperatives in the Grip of Ideology and the Plan” 4:769

Yemelianova, Galina M. (review) 2:369

Zacek, Joseph Frederick (review) 4:802

Zhuk, Sergei Ivanovich (review) 2:374

Znamenski, Andrei A. (review) 2:372

Zusi, Peter (review) 1:164